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Tofu Sashimi

Japanese Sashimi style dish using our Silken Tofu and cucumber. Perfect as a side dish to go with some noodles, rice or even curry when you want a refreshing salad. In Japan it is very common to eat soft tofu straight out of the pack, here we make an Asian style dressing mixing with Italian extra virgin olive oil.

Tofu Sea Vegetable Salad with a Japanese Sweet and Sour Dressing

Really easy sea vegetable salad with a sweet and sour Japanese dressing using our Yaemon Tamari soya sauce. Make this the base of your salad and add leafy greens if you are new to eating sea vegetables on its own.

Tofu Caprese

Perfect summer plate - for lunch or dinner enjoy our silken tofu with juicy tomatoes 🍅 Plant based take on the Italian caprese. You can find juicy tomatoes from your local farmers market in the summer.

Tofu Asparagus with Umami Rich Miso Sauce

This dish offers you a delicious way to add some organic greens and protein into your meal. You can replace the asparagus with any green vegetables, which you can steam or boil, if you prefer not to cook them in oil. A sprinkle of Clearspring’s Atlantic Sea Salad gives this dish an added depth of flavour. 

Roasted Red Pepper and Chickpea Korma

A beautiful, fragrant vegetable chickpea curry with korma spices, made creamy with rich coconut milk and perfectly roasted pumpkin pieces. Served with saffron-scented rice, this is a mellow-spiced and vibrantly coloured dish perfect for the whole family.

Creamy Tofu Tomato Carbonara

Creamy bowl of comfort food. Whether you are carb loading for your next run or wanting a bowl of delicious spaghetti with no dairy products, this is the one for you! Really easy recipe to make on a busy day and a perfect meal to feed the whole family.

Japanese Umami Jackfruit Burger

"We made an amazing shredded jackfruit "pulled pork" burger with a mushroom and tofu based sauce. It's such an explosion of asian flavours." All the best, Dave & Steve.

Lisa Dawson from Clearspring visited The Happy Pear in Ireland earlier this year to enjoy their early morning #SwimRise and to cook with them at Pearville kitchen. There they created this Umami rich burger. We hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we did making it.

Easy Scrambled Tofu

For those trying veganuary or wanting to have a more plant-based breakfast - you've come to the right place. Here, we use our soft silken tofu to create a delicious scrambled tofu. With the turmeric creating that yellow colour, and the squeeze of lemon juice adding that extra zesr, this recipe will leave your taste buds wanting more. Be imaginative with your vegetables and create your very own original English Breakfast!

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