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Tea time

We have been drinking the clearspring oolong tea for a long time. We have always had the brand and have been very happy.

Organic Brown Rice Cakes - Quinoa & Chia (6 Pack)

Great cuppa

Lovely tasting tea, warming and mellow, great quality.

Mmmmm tasty!!

I really like, I mean REALLY like, Clearspring puree products. They make my day worth getting up for! I rise from my bed with a (clear) spring in my step, who cares it's Monday morning, as I have a Clearspring fruit puree waiting of me at my breakfast table. Loving served to me by Japanese Geisha what more could I want?! Then it's off to work at the bus depot, cleaning the loos.

Lovely touch to my order

This was included with my order of tea and such a nice thing to be able to try all the different options. I really enjoyed all of the tea thank you!!!


Taste is great hope I hope my cholesterol is down

Loved noodles


Great seaweed

Good quality

Gluten free and great

Packs a real protein punch, and perfect for a chilli non carne, spag bol, cottage pie or moussaka.

Nicest Sencha tea I've come across

This tea isn't inexpensive but taste great. It is a good balance between a nice bright flavour without being too grassy. My wife says it taste like grass clippings

Organic Flax Oil - 250ml
peter Barrett
Very strong tasting

Quite unpleasant and strong taste. reminiscent of fish oil. Very bitter too.

very good product, quick online delivery

More delicious

I've bought this many times before but I think it has got tastier. It is without doubt the best miso on the market in the UK and live that it's organic and non-GMO and no Chinese soya beans. Thank you!

Great clean products!

Love all my Clearspring products!!

Quality and natural

Great products all natural and quality flavours a real change from the usual mass market quality.


Smooth and uplifting.


ClearSpring's dried sea vegetable salad is a welcome addition to my soups, stews, and curries. Best source of iodine (for brain function) for vegans, as far as I'm aware.

Organic Brown Rice Breadcrumbs

Excellent product, a really good crisp coating for fish and/vegetarian lentil burgers and the service from Clearspring is very efficient.

Tasty demeter beans

Very tasty. Bit of bitenot too mushy . Wondered how they would taste as no sugar added but you’d never know if it wasn’t on jar

The best oil I have had

Will definitely get it agine it's just the best ever I am glad I found this oil

Lovely teas

The teas are really nice, you can tell that they're good quality. Only downside was that one of the tea sachets was already open when they arrived (I didn't complain as they were free with a code!). But the other nine were unopened, and all tasted really good!

Genmaicha tea, my favourite green tea

Delightful taste, easy to order, arrived quickly.

organic Japanese tea selection

i haven't tried them yet, but they all look delicious, arrived quickly and well packaged, thank you

Absolutely the BEST Green Tea that I've tasted!

Clearspring Organic Japanese Sencha Green Tea is very refreshing and has a lovely smooth, well-rounded taste. Not at all bitter like some other green teas that I've tasted in the past. I usually have to add a teaspoon of honey to my tea to counteract the bitterness, but NOT with this one! Added to that is the advantage that it is organic and sustainably produced! Definitely deserving of the 5 Star rating *****

second time lucky

The first package failed to arrive as the number of my flat had been missed off the delivery address. Clearspring immediately sent a replacement package which arrived promptly. I'm enjoying the tea.