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We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and have been working closely with our suppliers as well as packaging companies to improve the sustainability of our packaging.

We are working through our product ranges on a case by case basis to make sure we can find the best options whilst also safeguarding both food safety and quality. The good news is that the concern we share about the environmental impact of plastic packaging is triggering demand and pressure on the packaging industry and also governments on a global scale. We are keeping a close eye on developments so that we can investigate the suitability of the best potential solutions with our suppliers.
As licensees of the Soil Association (our organic inspection body), we are aligning with their membership to the UK Plastics Pact, which has clear targets to make all plastic packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.

Our achievements so far:

We have launched a new packaging format for our best-selling Seaveg Crispies snacks, removing the inner tray and increasing the pack content so there is less plastic overall.

We have relaunched our Organic Atlantic Sea Vegetables with the addition of some new products in compostable inner bags and recyclable outer boxes.

We are getting ready to relaunch our Organic Japanese Teas in plastic free teabags that are compostable and outer packaging that is recyclable in the paper waste stream. 

Yes, the new tea bags that we have launched are plastic free as well as staple free and compostable. Information on the packaging and how to dispose of it is clearly indicated on the boxes (both outside and inside!).

If you have tea bags in our previous packaging format (loose tea bags in foil pouches) these contain plastic polymers and are not biodegradable or compostable. Please dispose of these in your general household waste.

We have taken a first step towards reducing the amount of plastic we used in the Sea Veg Crispies packaging by removing the inner tray and increasing the individual pack content to 8g. This is available in the original Sea Salt flavour as well as a new Black Pepper flavour. We plan to roll out this new packaging format to the other flavours in the near future.

We hope to find better solutions soon. The challenge is finding a plastic film alternative that can protect the delicate sea vegetable sheets from moisture for the full shelf-life. The availability and commercial viability of suitable compostable films is still very limited, especially in the region of our suppliers.

We are taking a good look at this possibility with the help of our suppliers. Our products remain stable over a shelf-life that is longer than what the packaging suppliers that have developed compostable films can currently guarantee. We must ensure we can maintain the food safety and quality standards that come with our brand promise (and are required by law!) so our first task is to carry out thorough testing.

In the meantime, we are switching to recyclable plastic film for some our product ranges.

The tofu cartons are equivalent to Tetrapak cartons and can be recycled wherever drinks cartons are collected for recycling.

If you live in the UK, you can look up your nearest recycling point on this website:


No. We do not allow BPA in the packaging that we pass onto our customers.

No. The fruit puree pots are made of aluminium coated with food grade plastic polymer lining. There is no contact between the food product and the aluminium layer at any point during the production process. Furthermore, the packaging is fully compliant with EU food safety regulations.

The following product ranges are in glass jars and tins which are fully recyclable in most areas of the UK: Coconut Specialities (Coconut Water, Coconut Milk and Coconut Oil), Pasta Sauces and Passata, Bio Kitchen Vegetables, Pulses and Peanut Butter, Sea Salt, Fruit Spreads, Amazake Desserts & Malt Syrups.


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