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Clearspring Aligns to the UK Plastics Pact

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are following the Soil Association’s lead, (the UK’s leading certifier of Organic Foods) and aligning our packaging strategy with the UK Plastics Pact.

Discover Japan through Clearspring's Organic Japanese Range!

Join us on a journey to explore Japan and see how our iconic Japanese product are made. We share how our products are carefully made in Japan by our authentic family producers. From our award winning Yaemon Tamari Soya Sauce to our Matcha green tea powder, harvested in the hills around Kyoto.

NEW Yuzu Ponzu - Japanese Citrus Dipping Sauce

Our Organic Yuzu Ponzu is a traditional Japanese umami-rich seasoning which combines naturally brewed soya sauce, mirin rice wine, rice vinegar and Kombu sea vegetable with organic authentic Japanese Yuzu citrus juice. 

Top 10 Products You Need To Know This #Veganuary

It’s that time of the year. Everyone’s talking about it and more people than ever before are taking part…it’s Veganuary! Here at Clearspring, we are very proud to support the Veganuary campaign and hope we can encourage anyone who's feeling a little unsure about signing up, to just give it a go. Sign up today and join over 350,000 people around the world this January

Healthy Vegan Workshop Series 2020 held at The Clearspring Kitchen

THE HEALTHY VEGAN LONDON WORKSHOP SERIES by Marlene Watson-Tara, Bill Tara and Special Guest Dr Mahesh Mesh Shah. We are delighted to be recommencing our monthly workshops running throughout 2020 at our friends premises in London. Clearspring Ltd has a fabulous space that is welcoming and spacious. The first of our series took place on - 25th January 2020. Next event will take place in March.

Make your very own Onigirazu Sushi sandwich! Collaboration video with Shiso Delicious

Onigirazu is a Japanese sushi sandwich, おにぎらず. It is much easier to make than making sushi as there is no rolling involved. Onigirazu is a perfect picnic dish or to take with you for a packed lunch. You can make it for your kid's school lunches, to have at work or on the go lunches.

Soil Association BOOM Awards 2019

We are so happy to announce that we won the Best Organic Export Company award at the Soil Association Boom Awards on 26 June 2019.

Organic vs Non-Organic Tofu - What's the Difference?

Clearspring is proud of the fact that our expert producers use their skill and experience to make our tofu with just three ingredients: organic soya beans, nigari and water – that’s all, no fillers required!

Lisa Dawson from Clearspring is running the Brighton Marathon 2019 for The Vegan Society

I’ve always enjoyed outdoor sports and am a keen athlete. I’ve completed a triathlon in the past and I try and cycle everywhere for the environment and my health. However, running has always been my weak spot. That’s why I wanted to challenge myself this year whilst also raising money and awareness for a fantastic cause, The Vegan Society.

Proud to support Veganuary!

Have you taken up the Veganuary challenge? Are you considering a more plant-based diet? Or do you just want to get healthier in January? 

What is Yaemon Tamari Soya Sauce?

Clearspring has been responsible for bringing the very best of Japan’s finest Organic Tamari Soya Sauce to customers around the world for over 25 years. However, our Organic Yaemon Tamari Soya Sauce is especially unique and is one of the only Tamari Soya Sauces of its kind available in the world. Alongside being a firm favourite amongst our customers, its versatility and the richness of its flavour - it has a heritage and tradition which celebrates the very best in artisan traditions and craftsmanship.

Everything about ACV: What is Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother and how is it made?

Apple Cider Vinegar like you have never tasted before!Clearspring has added four new delicious flavours to their alreadyhugely popular Organic Italian Vinegars range with sweet & fruity Peach, juicy Raspberry, vibrant and zesty Matcha & Lemon and the savoury kick of Ginger, Turmeric & Black Pepper.

Interview: Fighting For The Future

In the weeks before Clearspring celebrated its 25th birthday, Christopher Dawson, Maria Dawson and Zoe West sat with Rosie Greenaway and reflected on where it all began, why it all began and how the brand’s products represent the future of food.

What Is Miso & Why Is It So Good For Us?

During the 18 years he lived in Japan, Clearspring's founder Christopher Dawson became an expert on miso quality, and the Clearspring range is his selection of the finest traditionally made Japanese miso.

25 Years of Pioneering Authentic Japanese & Organic Fine Foods

Clearspring is a family-owned business and for over 25 years we have been committed to pioneering authentic Japanese specialities and organic fine foods. We are proud to bring to you our award-winning range that is enjoyed and appreciated around the world.

12 Days of Miso

At Clearspring, the core and heart of our business is ourOrganic Miso. It is a staple in the Clearspring Kitchen... we enjoy it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and even in sweet treats!

Gluten-Free & Wheat-Free: What’s the Difference?

Today we are increasingly hearing terms such as gluten intolerance, wheat allergy and coeliac disease. On top of this, the words wheat and gluten are often used interchangeably too, even though there is a very clear difference between the two substances. So what do they actually mean and how are they different?

What are Ancient Grains?

There is no official definition of ancient grains but it is widely accepted to mean grains which have remained unchanged for several hundreds of years. As opposed to more widespread cereals such as corn, rice and modern varieties of wheat, which are the product of thousands of years of selective breeding.

A Watershed For Organic?

I keep telling people that this spring has been is an exciting time for organic, but then organic is always exciting from my perspective. 2016 however has seen the alignment of some critical factors – some new, some- not so new – which create conditions ripe for further growth in organic.

Have You Considered Going Vegan For Easter?

With a little bit of menu planning it is easy to whip up a tasty vegan Easter meal for the whole family.

An Introduction To Macrobiotics - The Macrobiotic Diet

Macrobiotics is a way of life based on ideas about the interconnectedness of all things and encompasses ways of eating, thinking and seeing the world.

An Introduction To Demeter Biodynamic Farming

Demeter certifies food produced from biodynamic farming, a methodology created and defined by philosopher Rudolph Steiner in the 1920s, combining agriculture, cosmology and herbalism/homeopathy.

The Vegan Diet - What Is It & Who Is It Suitable For?

Vegans do not eat animal products, not only meat but also eggs, dairy products and other animal-derived substances such as honey.

The Difference Between Noodles & Pasta

Noodles in Asia and Pasta in Europe may look similar, however they have many differences.


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