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Clearspring Wins Prestigious Nourish Award

            Clearspring Wins Prestigious Nourish Award - Clearspring

Hot on the heels of four Great Taste Award wins in August, the discerning judges at the prestigious Nourish Awards have given our delicious Organic Instant Miso Soup – Creamy Sesame a Nourish Gold Award 2022.

The Nourish Awards are one of the UK’s leading and most prestigious awards for the food and drink sector with the focus on nutrition and healthy alternatives. It is known for having the toughest entry criteria - with most categories requiring entries to be made without gluten, contain little or no sugar and use clean ingredients free from artificial additives.

Clearspring’s Instant Miso Soup - Creamy Sesame is organic, gluten free, vegan and made using 100% natural ingredients - including kombu and wakame sea vegetables. Each pack contains 4 easy-to-use sachets that are very simple to prepare; just add hot water. Each sachet of soup is a source of protein, whilst being just 38 calories per serving. You can enjoy it just as it is or personalised with your choice of ingredients including silken tofu or vegetables.

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