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1848 reviews
non arrival

This is the third time that your courier has not delivered to Access Self Storage, UnitsA&B, Station Yard, By Norbiton Station Kingston upon Thames KT2 7AZ which is open throughout the working day. We have now run out of supplies. Remedy immediately and notify me on 07720427651. No one else has a problem!

Fantastic always very quick and smooth

Cracking stuff, Clearspring is a trusted brand for me

I always keep Kombu, Wakame and Arame in my kitchen, for general balancing of the body and women's problems. I don't really know how to cook with it, so I usually just hide it in stews. It works for me, that's all I can say.

I hide it in stews, cos I don't know what else to do with seaweeds. Good stuff, though...

I always try to keep some Arame, Wakame and Kombu in my kitchen, and I mainly hide it in stews. Brilliant stuff, i use seaweeds for balancing the body, and for women's problems.
Clearspring is a trusted brand for me. Speedy delivery, my order arrived in good shape.

how has this stuff gotten so expensive? You only get 25g in a bag now...

I get Wakame for health reasons, but when shopping for this I noticed that you no longer get 50g in a blue bag (as you do with the Kombu and Arame). I had to buy 2 x 25g bags of Wakame, which now makes this pretty expensive. Such a shame.