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Apple Cider Vinegar - Warming Matcha ACV

Our Matcha ACV is made using our premium grade matcha powder from Japan. Mixing the Italian vinegar with Japanese Matcha creates a perfect harmony to use this as cordial. Perfect diluted with warm or cold water or mixed with a warm apple juice like in this recipe. 

Apple Cider Vinegar - ACV Peach Fizz

Fresh and fruity, our Peach ACV has a unique taste for that perfect glass of fizz. Use it like cordial, the less you use the weaker the taste. We recommend around 1tbsp to a glass.  

Warming Turmeric Tonic with Apple Cider Vinegar

Enjoy this golden tonic with a pungent after taste of our Clearspring Apple Cider Vinegar with The Mother. This can be enjoyed hot on a cold cloudy day with your blanket or chilled on a sunny summer morning to wake our bodies. 

Ms Matcha - Cocktail

Ms Matcha is a cocktail made in our Matcha green tea powder, similar to an expresso martini, this is with the japanese twist. The pear puree makes this very creamy and easy to drink. Prefect to drink at any time of the day.


Apple & Mangotini - Cocktail

Apple & Mangotini is a cocktail made in a similar style to the classic drink Apple Martini without the extra sweetness. Easy to make at home and a great drink to impress your friends and family.

King Cocohito - Cocktail

King Cocohito is a cocktail made in a similar style to mojito without the extra sweetness. The sweetness comes from the matured king coco coconut water and our rice malt syrup.

King Coco Smoothie with Coconut Water, Green Tea & Nectarine

Starting the mornings with a green smoothie is an excellent way to be on track for your 5 (or more) a day. By cold brewing green tea in coconut water overnight you gain all the benefits and flavour of the tea, with none of the bitterness and without diluting the taste.

Hot Ginger Amazake Drink

A tasty tonic to stimulate the circulation and create a warm, relaxed feeling. Serve hot on cold winter days, or refreshing and chilled in the Summer.


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