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King Cocohito - Cocktail

            King Cocohito - Cocktail - Clearspring

King Cocohito is a cocktail made in a similar style to mojito without the extra sweetness. The sweetness comes from the matured king coco coconut water and our rice malt syrup. 

Serves 1
preparation time - 10 mins



  1. In a tumbler glass, place the rice syrup, lime juice and mint leaves and press with a muddler. Muddle mint is ready when you can smell the mink leaves.
  2. Add 2 quarter sliced lime and crushed ice, pour the rum and top the glass with the king coconut water.
  3. Garnish with mint spring.
  4. Enjoy.
For a non-alcoholic version:
  1. Repeat the above method, take out the rum and add more coconut water. 
  2. Enjoy.

All our recipes are 100% vegan (no meat, fish, dairy, eggs, or gelatine) and refined sugar free