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Environmental Standards

We have been pioneers of natural, animal free and organically grown foods since 1972, because right from the beginning we have known what leading experts worldwide are now saying: the way to a sustainable and healthy future is through growing and eating foods that are kind to the planet.

Our policy of providing nutritious and tasty alternatives to animal foods encourages a much better global use of land resource and trade. A primary cause of environmental degradation is from growing and shipping crops used for meat production, as well as destroying natural habitats to graze animals. By providing foods for better dietary health, we are also contributing to the significant reduction in resources needed for health care.

Want to learn more? Read how 30 world-leading scientists have defined a healthy and sustainable diet.


We are proud to be members and licensees of the Soil Association, the UK’s leading certifier who uphold standards that are more robust than EU organic regulations.

All our products are Vegan Society approved.

The Clearspring mantra: “Work and play to convert an acre of land back to organic each day”

Supply Chain

We work with over 40 suppliers from all over the world who have agreed to adhere to our core product criteria and values. Many are independently audited to high standards such as ISO14001 which encompass these. Moreover, by having a direct relationship with our suppliers and visiting them regularly, we know about their company ethos and operations well.

Clearspring’s Core Values

Provide - food for future generations
Protect - the ecosystem and the world we live in
Promote - traditional and sustainable foods with integrity

Clearspring’s Core Product Criteria include

  • 100% Vegan as defined by the UK Vegan Society – the manufacture of the product and its ingredients must not involve or have involved the use of any animal product, by-product or derivative. The potential cross-contamination with animal derived products (including meat, eggs, milk, fish, crustaceans, molluscs and their derivatives) is effectively controlled during production, storage and in the raw materials.
  • Certified organic, conforming to EU regulations and the UK Soil Association’s standards.
  • Free from ingredients or materials derived from GMOs (including processing aids and packaging)
  • Free from added sugar, honey or agave.
  • Free from refined oil. No palm oil.
  • Free from refined salt.
  • Free from chemical additives including flavour enhancers, anti-caking agents, and colourings.
  • Minimal refining of cereal grains used in the recipes.
  • Free from ingredients or materials known to be damaging to the local environment (flora and fauna), e.g. soya beans from primary rainforest areas.
  • Grown and processed with respect to local communities and in compliance with the UN Convention for Human Rights (www.un.org/rights) and the core standards of the International Labour Organisation (www.ilo.org).
  • Fair trade certified as possible.

Product Packaging

Good packaging is necessary for food safety and quality preservation throughout the shelf-life of every product. However, it is also a cause of environmental pollution if it is not reusable or recyclable.

We are currently in the process of reviewing all our packaging to identify where we can make improvements to reduce its environmental impact.

Our first big project was to make our Organic Japanese Teas range tea bags completely plastic free and compostable. The sachets are recyclable in the paper waste stream and the cartons manufactured using FSC certified board with vegetable inks.

As licensees of the Soil Association, we are aligning with their membership to the UK Plastics Pact, which includes the clear target to make all plastic packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.

Please also see our FAQ section.

For UK wide information on recycling: www.recyclenow.com

Meeting the most stringent food and environmental standards is central to the Clearspring philosophy to deliver exceptional food to our customers.

Green Office and On-Line Shop Policy

Clearspring constantly strives to minimise our impact on the environment in everything we do. From our journey into work and the materials we use to the energy we source.

Here are some of the things we are passionate about:

  • We recycle whenever possible at our offices, working with First Mile, a zero waste to landfill waste contractor for materials that are not collected by the estate services, e.g. kitchen waste.
  • Our online shop uses recycled packaging wherever possible and all our packaging is plastic-free as well as re-useable or recyclable. We even use a 100% compostable filling.
  • We buy our energy through Good Energy. Our consumption of energy is kept to an absolute minimum, with individually air-conditioned rooms, sensors controlling lighting and instant hot water instead of using kettles.
  • We only use recycled paper and card for all our office administration.
  • We practise paperless invoicing saving lots of paper, envelopes and stamps.
  • We get organic fruit and vegetables delivered straight to our office for delicious and healthy lunches.
  • Most of our staff (currently 80%) make use of the easy public transport links to get to work. We have bicycle racks and facilitate the charging of electric vehicles.

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