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The UK’s Best Organic Snack Just Got Better

            The UK’s Best Organic Snack Just Got Better - Clearspring

We have some very exciting news about our Organic Seaveg Crispies. We have listened to your feedback and after years of hard work and many trials and errors, we have finally managed to remove the plastic trays from each pack of our Seaveg Crispies - with no impact on crispiness or taste!

4.5 Million Plastic Trays Saved*

Removing the plastic tray in each pack will eliminate almost five million single-use plastic trays each year, which is the equivalent of 17.5 tonnes of plastic waste. To help you visualise what that might look like, that’s about 120 tennis courts lined with plastic trays.

120 Tennis Courts Animated GIF

Recyclable Paper-Based Multipack

Alongside going plastic trayless, there is more good news. The outer pack of our Seaveg Crispies Multipack is now made from a recyclable paper-based material. We’ve also given the range a slight design refresh. The different flavours in the range, including Organic Original, Chilli, Ginger and Turmeric will now be easier to spot with a stronger, bolder and more colourful pack design.

Same Great Flavour

What hasn’t changed are the delicious recipes, great taste and all the benefits of our Seaveg Crispies range, which includes being organic, plant-based, gluten free, high in fibre, low calorie, MSG free and free from all artificial ingredients. The slimmer packs are now even easier to add to packed lunches for the whole family, pop a few packs in your handbag for on-the-go snacking, or even as a garnish for rice and salad dishes.

Planet Friendly

We use only organic certified nori for our Seaveg Crispies™, which are grown in the luscious clear water off the coast of Korea. This is important to us because you can be assured that the natural environment within those waters is protected. 

Read our interview with Alison Muirhead from the Soil Association who tells us the difference between Organic and non-Organic seaweed.

Thank you for your patience while we worked hard to make this important packaging change!

Luscious clear water off the coast of Korea

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Organic Seaveg Crispies Multipack - Turmeric (Crispy Seaweed Thins)