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Spicy Dried Daikon Salad with Seaveg Crispies

            Spicy Dried Daikon Salad with Seaveg Crispies - Clearspring

Spice up your salad with this Japanese Korean fusion!

Serves 2



  1. Lightly boil organic spinach, drain water. Cover the plate with spinach
  2. Finely dice carrots and celery
  3. Soak Clearspring organic dried daikon for a few minutes, drain and squeeze out the excess water
  4. Cut Korean Kimchi into small pieces
  5. Create dressing by mixing toasted sesame oil, tamari, and brown rice vinegar well in a bowl
  6. Put diced carrots, celery, Clearspring organic dried daikon and small pieces of kimchi into the bowl of dressing.
  7. Serve mixed vegetables in the middle of the plate covered with spinach
  8. Cut Clearspring Seaveg Crispies with cooking scissors and place on top of the mixed vegetables
  9. Sprinkle whole sesame seeds and serve.

 By Eri Lawley (our International Sales Office Manager)