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Tofu Asparagus with Umami Rich Miso Sauce

            Tofu Asparagus with Umami Rich Miso Sauce

This dish offers you a delicious way to add some organic greens and protein into your meal. You can replace the asparagus with any green vegetables, which you can steam or boil, if you prefer not to cook them in oil. A sprinkle of Clearspring’s Atlantic Sea Salad gives this dish an added depth of flavour.  

Serves 2 - 4 (as a side dish)
preparation time - 15min


For the dressing: 



      1. In a large frying pan, heat the sesame oil over medium heat, then add ginger and garlic. Take the ends off the asparagus and add to the frying pan. Let it cook till it is tender - 2-5min depending on the thickness of the asparagus or any other green vegetables. Add a splash of water if it is still hard. Place asparagus on a large plate once cooked.
      2. In a jar, mix all the dressing ingredients. Chop up the spring onion and chilli - to be added as a garnish at the end.
      3. Open the tofu pack, drain the water and place on the chopping board. Cut the tofu into 1-2cm blocks. Using your hands, carefully place the tofu on top of the asparagus. Sprinkle the garnish, then pour a generous amount of the dressing.

      Recipe created by Lisa Dawson

      All our recipes are 100% vegan (no meat, fish, dairy, eggs, or gelatine) and refined sugar-free

      Comments (3 Responses)

      01 November, 2021

      Mark tTrelfa

      I don’t have Yaemon double strength Tamari, just the single. Do I double the quantity? I’ve had the same issue with other recipes: it would be nice if you put the quantities for single strength in your all recipes.

      12 July, 2021

      Bernard Dawson

      I am going to try this with broccoli instead and will let you know how it turns out

      14 January, 2021


      This was delicious, thank you for the lovely recipe!

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