Organic Sesame Oil

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  • Ingredients: 100% organic sesame oil

    Recommended maximum heating temperature 180°C

    Product volumes: 500ml, 1L

    Clearspring organic oils are made from the highest quality organic ingredients, which are cold pressed without chemicals to ensure the best nutrition and flavour. Sesame oil, with its light flavour, has been treasured over the centuries as the most versatile of culinary oils.

    • Delicious delicate flavour
    • High in Unsaturated Fat
    • Multi-purpose oil particularly suitable for Oriental and Middle Eastern foods

    Product Codes: SA145 (500ml), SA146 (1L)
  • For an explanation of the claims made above please click here

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Zsuzsanna Foldesi
Organic sesame oil

Excellent quality, great taste. Perfect for cooking.

Henriette Van Schalkwyk

I was appalled to hear that this product which I bought from you have been recalled due to containing more than 1000 time the allowed amount of a carcinogenic toxin. How on earth did pass off as organic, not containing ANY chemicals??
I will not be able to trust any of your products again.

Love organic

This oil is so versatile.great to cook with and apply to skin.and the best bits are glass bottle and no nasties

Alice Rogers
Great organic sesame oil

I love your sesame oil. As well as for cooking, I use this as a skin lotion.

Ivan Pedro J.Schiffer
Not up to the true quality demanded for Cold pressed Oils

A Cold Pressed Oil to be perfect in its biological activity must be at least 85% in content of its Cis -Cis isomeric configuration of its Linoleic Fatty Acid - Omega 6.
The second very serious and misleading information in your advertising is the mention of Sesame Oil containing Omega 3, it is not honest because the Omega 3 - Linolenic Fatty Acid in Sesame is only a trace, less than 0.5%.For the layman to understand one would need to take at least 10 soup spoonfulls to full fill daily need, comparing to Flax or Hemp seed oils content of Omega 3 is from 70% up to 85% in Hemp rich.
Sesame varies on Omega 6 from About 50 to 65% always depending on the seed quality.
Third- The label does not state the Cis -Trans percentage content which probably is because the producer has not requested such test from a certified laboratory.
Fourth, any oil rich in Essential Fatty Acids must be bottled in black glass bottle so absolutely no light reaches the Fatty Acids, light, oxygen and heat triggers oxydation at a very fast speed turning it's Cis Bio Active Fatty Acids into Trans Bio Inactive through a rotation of molecular fragments at the level of double bonds,the Bio Active Cis-Cis forms becomes inactive Cis- Trans forms
These sensitive oils should be kept refrigerated and it is very wrong to advice heating them at all, above 35 degrees centigrade the conversion to Trans Fatty Acids is accomplished which is harmful for health, in other words, toxic.
On my research not any oils sold in the UK is produced properly.Ii have not yet checked Efamol, it is the next in my list before I produce my report.