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Organic Japanese Wasabi - Horseradish Powder

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  • Ingredients: Horseradish* (90%), Wasabi* (10%)
    *organically grown

    May contain traces of soya and mustard.

    Product weight: 25g

    Wasabi is the hot and stimulating green paste that lends a characteristic, pungent taste to sushi dishes, dressings and dipping sauces. The wasabi plant, sometimes called Japanese horseradish, has long been used in Japan as an essential condiment for serving with sushi, soba and tofu and more recently to flavour dressings, dips and snacks.

    Wasabi is a member of the Brassicaceae family which include cabbages, horseradish and mustard. It is the stem and not the root which is used to make the condiment wasabi. It has been cultivated in Japan since the 16th Century and it grows naturally along shaded riverbeds in mountain valleys in Japan. It takes two years to mature and is very perishable.

    Traditional and conventional wasabi

    Clearspring Wasabi powder contains real wasabi stem, whereas most wasabi products consist of mustard or horseradish with green dyes and other additives. You can recognise its authenticity by its pale grey green colour, which contrasts with the brighter green of dyed wasabi.

    Cooking with wasabi

    Clearspring Wasabi comes as a powder in a convenient resealable tin and can be prepared by adding 1 part warm water to 2 parts powder and mixing into a paste. Cover and leave for 5 minutes to allow the flavour to develop. Use sparingly and make fresh each time.

    Product Code: CS792

    • Fat Free
    • Saturated Fat Free
    • Source of Fibre
    • Source of Protein
    • Low Sugar
    • Very Low Salt

    For an explanation of the claims made above please click here

  • To prepare, add 1 part lukewarm water to 2 parts powder and mix into a paste. Cover and leave for 5 minutes to release the flavour. Use sparingly and make fresh each time.

Customer Reviews

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Good products; good service.

Good products; good service.


Prompt service,very friendly and helpful customer support.
Not yet tried product as it for later on next month. I chose clearspring from the reviews and there expertise in Japanese food.
So I can't wait to try it out very soon.

Delighted with first order!

Order arrived very quickly, well packed and with really good quality products. I was delighted and will definitely use Clearspring again.

Glad you were happy with everything, we look forward to you shopping with us again :) Thank you Sue!
wow ! this is great .

I am really happy that I found this . It is versatike and really packs a punch . I lovevit and will buy more soon

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