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Organic Japanese Kuwa Matcha - Caffeine Free Mulberry Leaf Powder

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  • Ingredients: Organic Japanese mulberry leaf powder (100%)

    Product weight: 40g

    We're delighted to announce the launch of the UK’s first naturally caffeine-free Organic Japanese Matcha.

    Kuwa (桑) is Japanese for mulberry and Matcha (抹茶) is Japanese for powdered tea. Just like traditional Matcha, Kuwa Matcha is a vibrant green, finely ground powder which has been widely enjoyed in Japan for centuries. Instead of tea leaves, it is made using mulberry leaves and unlike green tea Matcha, it is naturally caffeine free.

    Clearspring Organic Japanese Kuwa Matcha is made using the finest quality organic and sustainably grown mulberry leaves that are grown in Kagoshima, Japan, where volcanic soils and humid climates make for ideal growing conditions. Once harvested the leaves are steamed, dried and ground into a fine powder which is just as versatile and delicious as traditional Matcha.

    Kuwa Matcha has a delicious, balanced flavour that is less astringent than the taste associated with green teas and Matcha powder. It is the perfect zero-caffeine alternative if you enjoy the taste of Matcha, but wish to reduce or avoid caffeine.

    Product Code: TEA1001.040A
  • Nutritional data currently being updated, please check back later.

  • For the perfect cup: Add 1/4 tsp (1g) of Kuwa Matcha powder to 70ml warm water and whisk well. Kuwa Matcha Latte: Add 1 tsp of Kuwa Matcha powder to 2 tbsp of hot water in a cup and whisk well. Pour warm plant milk of choice, stir and enjoy.

Customer Reviews

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Decaff Matcha

Love that this matcha is caffeine free. Gorgeous earthy, grassy flavour, great with hot water or with soya milk.

Alexandra Maniere
Amazing matcha substitute

Thank you Clearspring for creating such a beautiful product. I have been using it as a replacement for my usual matcha due to sensitivity to caffeine. The taste is really divine and makes the petfect “no caffeine”matcha. The taste is slighlty grassy, the coulour vibrant green and has a real soothing taste. I have just purchased 3 bags in advance!!

betsy gibson
subtle taste

This matcha tea has a subtle, beautiful green taste. It is delightful as a drink in the evening in oat milk, it feels calming and makes a satisfying alternative to caffeine.

Organic Japanese - Kuwa Matcha

This matcha tea is simply divine and being caffeine free is fantastic for those of us wanting to reduce our intake. Please don’t stop stocking this tea!

Perfect alternative matcha tea

Perfect alternative to traditional matcha tea. A delightful mild flavour. Happy with it. Thank you.