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Bob Harrop

“The natural food industry is a business with heart. It is great to be associated with others who really care about the health of people and the health of the planet. I have always had an inherent love for nature. Being actively involved with Clearspring is a practical way of promoting a lifestyle that helps raise awareness of the links between being kind to ourselves and the world we caretake.”

Born in London in 1952, Bob’s interest in the natural foods movement began during a year spent in the United States in 1973. On his return to the UK in 1974, he joined up with other wholefood enthusiasts to help found Sunwheel Natural Foods, a manufacturing and wholesale company that during the next ten 10 years helped to pioneer many of the products now widely accepted as “healthy” by mainstream consumers – organic muesli, unyeasted breads, miso and unrefined oils. It was during this period that he met Christopher Dawson, as the sales representative of Mitoku, the Japanese supplier to Sunwheel.

Following the sale of Sunwheel in 1983, he moved to the retail sector, joining his former colleague Peter Bradford (the owner of Freshlands shop in the City of London). For the next 16 years, he managed the shop, at the same time raising 4 children and undertaking a degree in Ecology and Conservation. Following the sale of the Freshlands shop to the Fresh & Wild chain in 1999, he then moved to a role as Accounts/HR Director of Fresh & Wild.

At this time, he also accepted a part-time role as Company Secretary of Clearspring Ltd on Christopher’s return to the UK in 1999 to manage the business. In 2002, he joined Clearspring full-time as the Finance Director.

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