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Vegan Tofu Pad Thai

            Vegan Tofu Pad Thai - Clearspring

This Pad Thai recipe is absolutely delicious. I have kept it as close to the original as I could get whilst making sure it is full of only the best unrefined, healthy and nourishing ingredients.

My Grandmother was from Thailand and Thai food has always been one of my absolute favourite. I love that beautiful balance of Salty, Sour and Sweet flavour which is traditional to Thai cooking, accompanied with plenty of fresh herbs and citrus to aid digestion.

This dish is has lots of different ingredients in it but most of the work is in the prep and overall it is quite simple to create at home.

Serves 2-3 - Cooking time: 20 mins - Prep time: 10 mins


Tamarind Sauce:

Toasting Nuts:

Pickling The Chillies:

  • ½ Red Scotch Bonnet Chilli (Can use a regular red chilli)
  • ½ Orange Scotch Bonnet Chilli (Can use a regular red chilli)
  • ½ Yellow Scotch Bonnet Chilli (Can use a regular green chilli)
  • Juice of 1 ½ Limes
  • ½ tsp Maple Syrup


  1. First soak your rice noodles in boiling water as per instructions and drain
  2. Make your tamarind sauce. Add the tamarind paste, vinegar, ume, tamari and maple syrup to a small pan. Bring to a boil and then let it simmer on a low heat until everything is dissolved and mixed in well and leave aside.
  3. Then roughly chop or crush your nuts and leave aside. They do not need to be too finely chopped.
  4. De-seed and finely slice your chillies and add them with the juice of 1½ limes and ½ tsp of maple syrup to a bowl. Leave aside to pickle.
  5. Heat up your oil in a wok on a high heat and add onions with 2 pinches of sea salt.
  6. Stir on a medium heat until they turn translucent.
  7. Add garlic and 2 of the spring onions to the wok and mix in well.
  8. Add your soy chunks and one more pinch of sea salt and mix in.
  9. Then drain your silken tofu and pour the whole block into the wok. With your spatula mash it into the rest of the mix so that it mixes in like scrambled egg.
  10. Keep mixing everything for another 3-4minutes.
  11. Now add your noodles, your tamarind sauce, ¾ of the bean sprouts, ½ of the herbs and ¾ of the nut mix and mix in really well together.
  12. Once done turn off the heat and add ¾ of the radish slices.
  13. To serve: Add fresh herbs, carrot sticks, bean sprouts, lime, radish slices and nuts as garnish with pickled chillies on the side.


Nicky Clinch
Nicky Clinch: Certified Macrobiotic Nutritionist, Life Counsellor and Chef

Nicky is a Certified Macrobiotic Nutritionist, Counsellor and Chef who specialises in empowered balanced health that comes from the inside out.

Using her unique technique incorporating Oriental Medicine, Emotional Counselling and her own personal journey of transformation, connecting the emotions we carry with the relationship we have with food and with our body.
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