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Organic Japanese Mikawa Mirin

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  • Ingredients: Sweet rice* (52%), water, cultured rice*. *Organically grown

    Product volumes: 150ml, 250ml

    Mirin from Mikawa region (old name for current Aichi prefecture, Japan) is considered to be the finest in Japan. It is produced by a traditional method of koji fermentation and careful ageing over nine months. Sweet rice is used instead of the cheaper starches found in the other products in the market. Mirin is used to sweeten and gives a depth of flavour.

    Product Codes: CS699 (150ml), SSN0602.250A (250ml)
  • For an explanation of the claims made above please click here

  • Mirin adds sweetness and depth of flavour in cooking.

    Store in a cool, dark place

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Malcolm Moore
Special product

The best mirin that I've tried. Quality is stunning , the flavour rich, subtle and mildly alcoholic.

Jeremy Paton

Absolutely wonderful, but it's unfortunate this seems to only be available on the Clearspring website. In fact I've noticed fewer Clearspring products at our local Waitrose and Wholefoods as of late.


Wonderful flavour. I'm never disappointed with Clear Spring products.

Rebecca Peers
The only Mirin

Since I began using this Mirin around three years ago, there is no other that offers the depth of flavour and aroma to equal it. Great in a Satay marinade, Dan Dan Noodles, not to mention wok fried greens such as Broccoli.

Annes Lambert
Superior mirin

Have made some very tasty sauces with this :)