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NEW Yuzu Ponzu - Japanese Citrus Dipping Sauce

            NEW Yuzu Ponzu - Japanese Citrus Dipping Sauce - Clearspring

Clearspring Organic Yuzu Ponzu

We’ve launched an exciting new addition to our Authentic Japanese Sauces & Seasonings Range: Organic Yuzu Ponzu

Our Organic Yuzu Ponzu is a traditional Japanese umami-rich seasoning, which combines naturally brewed soya sauce, mirin rice wine, rice vinegar and Kombu sea vegetable, with organic authentic Japanese Yuzu citrus juice. 

What is Yuzu? Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit used in many traditional Japanese cuisines. The fruit is very sour, so it is mainly used for its juice and zest. Yuzu is enjoyed throughout the year, but it is mainly consumed in the winter months as a dipping sauce for NABE, a Japanese vegetable hot pot.

Some Ponzu sauces are made with lemon or lime juice which is not the same as Yuzu citrus fruit. Using organic Yuzu juice from Japan makes our product very special. As soon as you open the bottle you will smell the unique aroma of the organic Yuzu citrus fruit.

✓ Umami-rich
✓ Real Japanese Yuzu Juice
✓ Made in the UK
✓ Authentic Japanese recipe
✓ Easy to use
✓ Vegan
✓ Organic
✓ Non-GM
✓ No artificial ingredients

How to use Ponzu

It’s the perfect dining table condiment, it’s ready to drizzle across your favourite salads, used to create zesty sauces or as a dipping sauce for gyoza dumplings and vegetable tempura.