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Discover Japan through Clearspring's Organic Japanese Range!

            Discover Japan through Clearspring's Organic Japanese Range! - Clearspring

Join us on a journey to explore Japan and see how our iconic Japanese product are made. We share how our products are carefully made in Japan by our authentic family producers.

Yaemon Tamari - Our Yaemon Tamari Soya Sauce is one of the only Tamari Soya Sauces of its kind available in the world. Its rare double-strength ratio, versatility and the richness of its umami flavour is coupled with 6 generations of heritage and tradition which celebrate true Japanese artisan traditions and craftsmanship.

Silken Tofu - Our Tofu is made with only 3 ingredients whole organic soya beans, spring water and Nigari. Our tofu is very soft and creamy, you can enjoy it straight out of the pack, in stir fries and blended into a creamy dessert.

100% Buckwheat Soba Noodles - Our soba noodles are made in Nagano, Japan since 1973. Delicious versatile Gluten Free noodles with a rich, nutty buckwheat taste. Known as 'Juwari Soba' in Japanese, meaning 100% soba.

Hatcho Miso - Miso is fermented soya beans. Hatcho miso has the longest fermentation period of up to 3 years. Hatcho miso is perfect for marinades as well as glazed on top of aubergine.

Mikawa Mirin - Mirin is a sweet fermented rice wine. Our mirin is produced in the Mikawa region of Japan by family producers who’ve been making mirin for generations.

Matcha Green Tea Powder- Matcha is a finely ground Japanese green tea powder. Our Matcha is grown and harvested in the hills around Kyoto by our family producer.

Clearspring is a family-owned business and for over 25 years we have been committed to pioneering authentic Japanese specialities and organic fine foods. We are proud to bring to you our award-winning range that is enjoyed and appreciated around the world.