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Top 10 Products You Need To Know This #Veganuary

            Top 10 Products You Need To Know This #Veganuary - Clearspring

10 Plant alternative Clearspring products

It’s that time of the year. Everyone’s talking about it and more people than ever before are taking part…it’s Veganuary!

Here at Clearspring, we are very proud to support the Veganuary campaign and hope we can encourage anyone who's feeling a little unsure about signing up, to just give it a go. Sign up today and join over 350,000 people around the world this January

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Clearspring has been 100% vegan since the beginning (that’s over 25 years ago) so you can imagine how delighted we are that more and more people are being motivated to give a plant-based diet a try and have a positive impact on themselves and the world we live in.

We appreciate that it can be a bit daunting to take up the Veganuary challenge and that any change in lifestyle can leave you wondering where to start. However, with just a little effort and support, simple tasty food couldn’t be easier to find, especially with Clearspring products to enhance your recipes!

To get you started we’ve put together our ‘TOP TEN’ of Clearspring products that are convenient, delicious and of course plant-based, to help make your 31-day Veganuary experience easier and tastier than you ever thought possible!

Clearspring Organic Japanese Tofu – Silken & Soft


Our Organic Tofu is pretty unique; It’s made with just three ingredients, it’s gluten-free, ready-to-eat, low fat and high in protein. It's extremely versatile and can be used in a wide variety of sweet and savoury dishes; from salads, scrambled tofu on toast and traditional Japanese Miso Soup to an enticing Raspberry Mousse. Check out our video Scrambled Tofu to find out how to make it along with lots of other great recipe ideas!


Product: Clearspring Organic Japanese Tofu – Silken & Soft 

Clearspring Organic Jackfruit Chunks

Organic Young Jackfruit

Organic Young Jackfruit has become increasingly popular within the plant-based world as a great alternative ingredient, adding a naturally satisfying texture while taking on all the flavours of the dish. Until recently it was little known outside Asia and Africa, but its unique qualities have seen it make its way onto restaurant menus the world over. Our Jackfruit comes from Sri Lanka, it’s simple to cook with and perfect for baking, frying and stewing along with being fat-free and high in fibre. It’s famously been used in popular dishes including Pulled Jackfruit Burgers, Jackfruit Tacos and Jackfruit Curry. If you’re feeling adventurous, try this Vegan ‘fish-free’ fingers recipe. Or watch The Happy Pear make a delicious umami-rich Pulled Jackfruit Burger.

Product: Clearspring Organic Jackfruit Chunks

Clearspring Organic Soya Chunks & Mince

Organic Soya Chunks

Our Organic Soya Chunks are made by cold-pressing soya beans which have been dehydrated and formed into nice bite-sized pieces. High in protein and fibre and low in fat, once re-hydrated and they are ready to use to make your own enticing recipes.

Soya Chunks are popular as a plant-based alternative in a wide variety of international dishes; from pies and stews to Indian curries and biriyanis. Why not try making this mouth-watering Vegan Pad Thai recipe. We also have Clearspring Organic Soya Mince which is ideal to create your favourite Chili, Bolognese Sauce or Lasagne.

Product: Clearspring Organic Soya Chunks Clearspring Organic Soya Mince

Clearspring Organic Shoyu Ramen and Miso Ramen

Miso Ramen

If quick and easy is what you’re looking for, then look no further! At Clearspring, we love to cook from scratch and take our time, but sometimes life is busy and time is precious.

Clearspring Organic Shoyu & Miso Ramen are both ideal products as they are 100% plant-based, contain no artificial ingredients, are packed full of flavour and can be ready in under five minutes. They’re a store cupboard essential for enjoying Veganuary 2020 or any time of year, without compromising on flavour or nutrition. Create your favourite topping or follow this easy ramen recipe.

Product: Clearspring Organic Shoyu Ramen and Miso Ramen

Clearspring Organic Protein Powders

Pumpkin protein powder

Easy access to a wide variety of protein is dramatically enhanced by our range of plant-based powders when used alongside the natural sources of protein-rich foods in a Vegan diet. However, for those a little worried about getting enough protein whilst they get to grips with and learn more about veganism, we have a helping hand (or four).




Our Organic Protein Powders.

• 100% Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder
• 100% Sunflower Seed Protein Powder
• 100% Flaxseed Protein Powder
• 100 Hemp Seed Protein Powder

They are easy to use and very versatile. The easiest way is to add them to smoothies and shakes. However, you can be a little more experimental – try adding some to your porridge or try baking with our Protein Powders. Here’s a quick and easy Miso Fudge Protein recipe, which doesn’t require cooking and can be ready in about 10 minutes.

Vegan Amazake French Toast Recipe

Good luck!

If you decide to take up the Veganuary challenge or just change the way you eat and eat more plants, we wish you all best. We have lots of recipe inspiration on our website and a vast array of fantastic Clearspring products to choose from. Remember, if you slip up, don’t beat yourself up. It’s all about the journey, learning about and enjoying food and helping to make a positive impact on yourself and planet.

Clearspring Recipes 

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