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Tofu Sashimi with Yuzu Ponzu Dipping Sauce

            Tofu Sashimi with Yuzu Ponzu Dipping Sauce - Clearspring

This simple dish is enjoyed by many people in Japan. Soft silken tofu can be eaten straight out of the pack with soya sauce or Yuzu Ponzu. Enjoy cold or room temperature Tofu as a side dish to your meals. 

Ponzu is a soy sauce-based vinegar dressing, our ponzu contains fresh organic Japanese Yuzu citrus juice. Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit, used in many Japanese cuisines as a secret ingredient, different from lemon or lime, yuzu has a very unique flavour which blends beautifully with soya sauce. 

Serves - 2 as a side dish
preparation time - 5 min



  1. Open the pack of Tofu, drain the water and place the tofu on kitchen paper or tea towel to remove the excess water. 
  2. Wash and slice the cucumber with a mandolin vegetable slicer or with a knife into very fine slices. 
  3. Place the tofu and cucumber on a flat plate and drizzle the yuzu ponzu and toasted sesame seeds on top just before serving.

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