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Agar Flakes Jelly with Blood Oranges

            Agar Flakes Jelly with Blood Oranges - Clearspring

Really easy to make jelly-like dessert using Agar sea vegetables. We like to use apple juice as the base as it usually goes with any fruits. Here we are using blood oranges as its in season. You can make this with bananas, strawberries, blue berries or cooked peaches.

Serves 2
preparation time - 15min - Chill in the refrigerator 1 hour or more



    1. Pour the apple juice into a sauce pan on medium heat, add the agar flakes and stir. Don’t let it boil. Once it started to bubble, turn the heat to low, keep stirring and let it simmer for a few minutes until all the agar flakes have dissolved.
      ☝️Don’t rush this process.
    2. Wash and cut the fruit and place in your dessert bowl or cups.
    3. Pour the liquid and let it sit on the counter until its cooled and then transfer into the fridge to set.
    4. You can enjoy this on its own with some mint leaves or with a scoop of ice-cream or sorbet on top.

    Recipe created by Lisa Dawson