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Protect the Planet - Take the Pledge - Veganuary 2021

            Protect the Planet - Take the Pledge - Veganuary 2021 - Clearspring

Clearspring is turning this January into ‘Veganuary’

There’s never been a more important time to try vegan, for the planet, for animals and yourself.

#Veganuary2021 is going to be Veganuary's biggest year yet and Clearspring are thrilled to be supporting them. Will you be joining the New Year’s Revolution too? 

Each person who cuts out animal products for January will save 124,900 litres of water, 82 sq metres of forest and 273 kg of C02 - not to mention many animals’ lives. With hundreds of thousands of people doing it, that will have a huge impact!

Sign up now and every day in January you’ll receive an email with all the support you need to make trying vegan easy:

  • Daily hints and tips
  • Meal plans and recipes
  • Information about the benefits of a vegan diet for health, animals and the planet

You’ll be part of a global community of vegan pledgers! By following the Veganuary campaign on Facebook and Instagram, you’ll be able to share your struggles and successes with other Veganuary participants past and present.
Almost 1 million people have previously taken part - trying a plant-based diet in January to reduce their environmental footprint, protect animals and improve their health.

Already vegan?

You can join too! Sign up for Veganuary to show your support, receive unique and delicious new recipes to try, and have access to videos, graphics, and other great sharables that will encourage your non-vegan friends to take part!

What are you waiting for? Sign up today to be part of the worldwide Veganuary phenomenon.


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