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Organic Instant Noodle Broth - Tsuyu

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  • Ingredients: soya sauce* (43%) (water, soya beans*, wheat*, sea salt), water, rice malt syrup* (rice*, sprouted barley*, water), mirin* (glutinous rice*, water, malted rice*, rice*), sea salt, kombu kelp extract (2.5%) (water, kelp, salt), dried shiitake mushroom* (0.5%). *organically grown

    Product volume: 245ml

    Tsuyu is a flavourful and versatile stock. The goodness of shiitake mushrooms is highly concentrated and blended with our own soya sauce. The additional of organic mirin creates a deep and delicious savoury flavour with a hint of sweetness. In fact tsuyu means "plum rain/rainy season" in Japanese, what better than a comforting and steaming bowl of noodles and tsuyu while the rain batters against the kitchen windows?

    What makes it special?

    • The only organic Tsuyu available in the UK, Europe and possibly the World
    • Concentrated: Add three parts of water to one of Tsuyu
    • Versatile: Perfect as a dip for tempura or as a base for Oriental style cooking.
    • Rich in Umami from kombu and shiitake dashi

    Umami - the fifth taste

    Savoury, earthy, mushroomy - none of them quite fit the bill when trying to describe the ever illusive umami taste. A part of everyday vocabulary in Japan for years, where the word itself means ‘deliciousness’, umami is becoming increasingly well known in the UK. Professional chefs and household cooks alike are picking up on its many taste benefits.

    Clearspring Organic Tsuyu is rich in umami and incorporating it into your cooking will give your dishes that instant and unique savoury hit.


    Product Code: TS115


    • Fat Free
    • Saturated Fat Free

    For an explanation of the claims made above please click here

  • How to use Tsuyu

    Simply dilute to use as a soup stock, tempura dip or Oriental style dressing.

  • Producer's Story

    Coming soon...

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
yum yum!

enjoyed the new flavour which was a much appreciated new
dimension to my cooking

Thank you for the great review Rosemary :) Glad you are enjoying our Tsuyu!
Amazing for cold summer soba!

Amazing for cold summer soba! Pretty good value as well - a bottle will do me about 20-30 meals of cold Soba. I have not tried it with other dishes but it should not disappoint :)

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review Graham :)
Noodle Broth

Very disappointed that the bottle I received had a very short time left on the shelf life . Think I must have been old stock .

Hi Alice, sorry about the short shelf life. However it is a "best before" rather than a "use by" date, so should still be safe to consume. If you are not happy with the taste though we will be happy to replace the item with a newer one.
Ramen - missing item

the ramen ordered only had the noodles in one packet and the sachet of sauce was missing!

Hi Natalie, sorry to hear about the missing sachet. They're hand packed so the occasional mistake can happen. If you haven't had a replacement yet please contact info@clearspring.co.uk :)

I bought this item to try while it was in the sale. I found it far too salty when used in the concentration described on the bottle. I also found I needed to use almost half the bottle for the quantity thin soup I made when using a much lesser concentration. I did not find it flavoursome, but it did add a positive contribution to the broth I made using predominantly vegetables, fish and seaweed. I don't think I will be buying it again. Maybe I was expecting something more miso in flavour.

Hi Heather, sorry to hear you didn't like the product. Only thing we could have suggested was to try different concentrations, but sounds like you did that too! Hope you find something to suit your taste :)

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