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Organic Gomashio - Whole Sesame with Sea Salt (6 Pack)

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  • Ingredients: Toasted sesame seeds* (96%), sea salt. *organically grown.

    May contain traces of nuts

    Product weight: 100g

    Clearspring Organic Whole Sesame Gomashio is a delicious traditional Japanese condiment which is a staple in almost every Japanese kitchen.

    What is Gomashio?

    Gomashio is a sesame seed condiment made up of sesame seeds (goma, ごま) with sea salt (shio, 塩). It can be made with whole or black sesame seeds.

    How is Gomashio made?

    Our Whole Sesame Gomashio is made using the finest quality whole organic sesame seeds which have been lightly toasted. The sesame seeds are then gently ground to give them a softer texture before being blended with a flavourful natural sea salt.

    The whole sesame Gomashio delivers a slightly milder and more nutty flavour.

    Clearspring Organic Gomashio is made in the UK in small batches to ensure that the taste and quality is perfect every time.


    Gomashio is also a popular ingredient used in the Marcrobiotic diet, which is based around principles of Zen Buddhism and achieving a Yin and Yang balance from life including the foods you eat – with the sesame seeds in Gomashio offering a natural balance to the sea salt.

    Product Code: CON0201.100A
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  • The whole sesame Gomashio delivers a slightly milder and more nutty flavour. Perfect for adding a depth of flavour and flourish to a wide variety of dishes from rice, noodles and pasta to vegetables, soups and salads. It can be added to dishes as an ingredient, or simply sprinkled over your finished meal as a garnish.

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