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Japanese Arame - Dried Sea Vegetable

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    Clearspring Arame has a slightly sweet and delicate flavour that makes it an excellent introduction to the delights of sea vegetables.

    It combines well with vegetable proteins such as tofu and tempeh, and sweet tasting vegetables including onions, winter squash and carrots. With its dark, almost black colour, Arame makes an attractive addition to colourful salads.

    Thin, dark strips of Arame, being pre-cooked, can be simply soaked for 10 minutes (when they will double in volume) and seasoned before being added to noodles and salads or lightly cooked in stir fries.

    Clearspring Arame is Eisenia bicyclis, sustainably wild harvested and dried in Japan.

    Ingredients: Dried Arame sea vegetable (Eisenia bicyclis)

    Product weight - 50g



    How to cook with Arame

    Good for stir-fries and salads. Delicious served with tofu, tempeh, sauerkraut or vegetables. Can also be simply soaked and mixed with noodle and vegetable salads.

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