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Japanese Agar Flakes - Sea Vegetable Gelling Agent

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  • Ingredients: Agar sea vegetable (Gelidium and Gracilaria spp.)

    Product weight: 28g

    Clearspring Agar Flakes, known as "kanten" in Japanese, are a high quality vegetarian alternative to gelatine for making desserts, jellies and aspics. They are traditionally made from sea plants in Japan. They have a neutral flavour and are free from any bleaching chemical or softening agents.

    Traditional and conventional agar

    Nowadays, almost all commercial agar-agar is made using sulphuric acid to dissolve the starches, and chemical bleaches and dyes to neutralise the colour and flavour of the sea plants. However, a few small craft producers, such as the family who make Clearspring Agar Flakes, still use the traditional slow method.

    Product Code: CS556
  • This product is exempt from the need to disclose nutritional data under regulation (EU) 1169/2011.

  • How to cook with agar flakes

    We recommend the following ratio: one heaped tablespoon of agar flakes for 250ml of liquid. If the liquid being used is acidic then more agar flakes would be needed.

    Sprinkle over the liquid in a saucepan before heating. Heat without stirring, then simmer for 3-5 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the flakes dissolve. Pour into a mould and cool to set.

Customer Reviews

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Clearspring agar flakes

I've been using the agar flakes for years to make a homemade vit c, vit a face serum. People remark, saying my skin looks great, I'm 63.

Cyril Wheat
Excellent setting agent

I made Soy Milk and Cocoa Gelee using these flakes. The result was spectacular. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again. Great product.

Marlene Watson-Tara
Fantastic product

Such a versatile product that I use to make desserts, thicken sauces and apart from the incredible health benefits of using sea vegetables such as Agar flakes, this product is as pure as the driven snow. Thank you Clearspring.

Raffaella Cognigni

Good quality

Jay Anderson

So quick to dissolve and so relaxing especially on the abdomen.