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best product don't waste your time searching every where.

My Favourite; The Best Medium Miso I Can Find.

I have tried quite a few misos and I keep coming back to this one: since 1990. Thank You Jane and Sue for turning me on to Clearspring all those years ago* I'm still coming back.

Beautiful and delicious with any green salad with some of clearspring extra virgin olive oil added for me the best salad dressing than any othe ones

Clearspring oils include cooking oils and extra virgin olive oils are the best to use and the most important beside it's wonderful taste , it's cold pressed and that a must for everyone one health not like 99% of oils available in the market

Kombu Is Amazing

Kombu, the Japanese word for dried Kelp seaweed is amazing. I have been using this for decades to greatly increase nutritional value of all food prepared with it, as it is considered the most completely mineralized food.
Kombu is excellent added to beans, as the minerals help to balance the protein and oils in them and increase digestibility. They also soften and break down tough fibres in beans and other foods cooked with them. For miso broth, using a bit of kombu and dried shiitake mushroom delivers the most delicious umami flavours to your stock.