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Love Clearspring products

I drink only clearspring tea; the green & Genmaicha. Fantastic to have such wonderful loose leaf tea - I enjoy it everyday. Thank you.


I have been a regular customer of clear spring, as well as buying clear spring products elsewhere, generally they are unsurpassable, I thought I'd try the umami paste, as I had never used it before, it is gorgeous, very flexible, you can add it to anything really, mix it with other flavourings, for instance I mixed almost equal parts of this paste and Oat Ama Zake and mixed it in with some fresh ginger and freshly cooked spinach, yum! thanks a lot clearspring, you are doing a great job.

Misleading your customers

I bought this to my children who do not eat crustacean as I saw it had the vegan symbol. On closer inspection by my son , he showed me that it says it could contain traces of fish and crustaceans.How can this product possibly be given the Vegan symbol and what an embarrassment for me

Hi Adrienne, thank you for taking the time to leave a review.. Please note that Clearspring use 100% vegan ingredients in all of our product range. Although the risk of cross contamination is extremely low, we feel that sharing this information with the public will inform people, especially ones with severe allergic reactions, of the possible risk to them. Here is a link to the vegan society's website on this matter that may be useful to you: https://www.vegansociety.com/resources/nutrition-and-health/allergen-labelling Please note the guidance note from the UK government regarding the Food Information Regulation (FIR) compliance on this topic: Under Article 9 (1)(c) of EU FIC, all Food Business Operators (FBOs) will need to declare the presence – whether for use as an ingredient or a processing aid - of any of the 14 major allergens listed in Annex II to the Regulation. The trace amounts of crustaceans that may be present in the Sea Vegetable products do not fall into the above category (ingredient or a processing aid). The possibility of these traces being present would be classified as unintended. Please note the following guidance on may contain statements to this end: Voluntary use of precautionary allergen labelling to indicate the unintentional presence of allergens. FBOs voluntarily use precautionary allergen labelling such as ‘may contain’ or ‘not suitable for…’ to communicate the risk of the unintentional presence of an allergen (e.g. milk, egg, nuts, fish etc.) in a food product due to the allergen entering the product accidentally during production, through cross-contamination. The voluntary use of such precautionary allergen labelling is still permitted; the basis for this is contained within Article 14 of EU Regulation No.178/2002 (General Food Law). After much thought and as we believe this is an unavoidable risk, we as a company intend to continue to use the current format of 'may contain traces' even though the chance of cross contamination is extremely low. On Sea Vegetables we feel it is particularly important to state this due to the nature of the product (originating from the sea). So to cut a long story short, it's for allergen advice and does not affect its vegan status, as the Vegan Society acknowledges that unintentional cross contamination is possible on a product of this nature. Hope this helps.
Brilliant snack

Strange looking (black) but delicious flavour (sesame and Tamari) really crunchy - great snack. Definitely recommend these crackers.


Good strong flavour - organic- delicious with many foods and recipes - totally gluten free - great online service.