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Organic Cashew Butter - Smooth

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  • Ingredients: Organic cashews (100%).

    May contain traces of peanuts and other nuts.

    Some oil separation may occur as we do not add emulsifying agents. Stir well before use.

    Product weight: 170g

    Clearspring Organic Cashew Butter is made for us by a third-generation family producer in Europe. They use only the finest, carefully selected 100% organic cashews.

    The organic cashews are roasted and then ground into an indulgent, rich, creamy paste.

    Its smooth texture and consistency make it perfect for a wide variety of uses, from being generously spread on toast, rice cakes and crackers, to drizzling on quinoa salads or just eating it straight out of the jar with some sliced apples.

    Free from:

    • Palm oil
    • Added salt
    • Added sugar
    • non-GMO

      Product Code: TNB0205.170A
    • For an explanation of the claims made above please click here

    • Stir well before use.

      Store in a cool, dark place

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews


    Gordon Wood

    Delicious and smooth. I've tasted other cashew butters, but none has the flowing toffee-like character of this one with just enough sweetness not to be cloying.

    Great product

    I've discovered the website quite recently, while searching for one of my foavourite Clearspring products, which I used to buy from other companies. I placed a few orders on Clearspring website so far and am pleased with all the products I purchased.

    Damn Good. But I have QUESTIONS ..

    This is , frankly, Superb cashew butter .

    I don't know if someone from Clearspring can respond to me through this, but I am seriously wanting to know how they have made this so smooth, light coloured (light roasted or is it raw)? and yet SWEET. Of course we all like sweet stuff, but hopefully there is no secretly added sugar because I will not be happy. Other cashews butters are either oily or difficult even to mix so either you get a hard lump to begin with or even after mixing you get sediment at the bottom that is inedible.

    Unfortunately as it's so nice and moreish this works out to be quite expensive vs even , say, meridian organic cashew butter. But I don't think those companies even use African cashews (which I believe it's native to) .. but this is an EU producer? Hmm.. I'd like more details.. are they spanish cashews? italian? does that producer in that country IMPORT them ???

    If not then WHY does the jar say NON-EU Agriculture ? .. They must therefore not be grown in the EU so I'd like confirmation and clarification if you want a regular customer of this product ?!

    Hi George, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Great to hear you are enjoying our Cashew Butter! Rest assured, there are certainly no hidden sweeteners. One of our brand promises is that none of our products contain added refined sugars. This is extremely important to us and something we will never compromise on. The product is produced in Greece and the raw materials are from Vietnam and there is no roasting process involved in the production. Hope this helps.

    Colleen Guy
    Delicious cashew nut butter

    This is the best cashew nut butter I have ever tasted.