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Organic Japanese Tamari Soya Sauce - Single Strength

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  • Ingredients: Water, soya beans* (33%), sea salt, shochu* (water, cultured rice*, salt), roasted soya beans* (2.5%). *organically grown

    Product volumes: 150ml, 250ml, 2.5L

    Clearspring’s new single strength Tamari is made in Japan by our new producer who has been brewing soya sauce for half a century at the foot of Mount Ena in the southernmost part of the Japanese Alps. Made from whole soya beans, Clearspring Single-Strength Tamari is fermented using traditional methods and aged for 9 months.

    Product Codes: CS681 (150ml), CS682 (250ml), CS433 (2.5L)
  • For an explanation of the claims made above please click here

Customer Reviews

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Star rating for my previous review

My previous review should have been a two star, not five.

Disappointed with this new supplier Tamari

I recently ordered 4 bottles of Organic Tamari soya sauce as part of a recent order. Having just opened the first bottle, I’m writing to you to let you know that I’m very disappointed with the quality. It seems to be excessively salty and quite watery and thin (this is even compared to your Shoyu which I also have). I would expect the Tamari to be richer and less salty than this, indeed the Tamari I’ve had from you before has been just that. I have just seen on your website that this is rom a new producer, could this be the reason?

Hi Alan, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. As discussed, you normally buy our Double Strength Yaemon Tamari, so that is why this does not have the consistency or flavour you were expecting. Sorry for the confusion.

Carol Mitchell
tamari soya sauce

I felt that your product enhanced my dinners, except worried whether has excess salt. Well read at website salt hasn't much problems,

that scientists have researched that they have substance that affects hormone angiotensin which has positives, reduces effects of that hormone

prevents restrictions that normally tightens arterial systems. Well, then many websites say that they don't have sufficient evidence at present,

which means that seems indefinite!

I don't know whether you may have any details of websites that can discuss subject with details of health of individuals

that eat fermented soya?

Amanda Oliver
So disappointed

So disappointed to have accidently bought the newer 'single strength' offering. Surely savvy consumers are quite capable of using less or using other means to dilute rather than paying over-the-odds for this watered-down product.

Hi Amanda, thank you for getting in contact with this valuable feedback. We're truly sorry about the confusion over our Tamaris.

For many years we were the only Tamari on the market, hence we did not need to stand out from the competitors or compete on price.

Fast forward a few years, and now there are many tamaris on the market at a much cheaper price and suddenly our Tamari that is double the strength of the others needs to stand out, hence the new name Yaemon (the producer family name) and Double Strength.

Despite all this, we can never compete on price with this product and customers and retailers who are not familiar with it will simply choose a cheaper product.

And this is the reason we now have a Single Strength Tamari. Competitively priced and we believe still better than other similarly priced brands.

We're aware this does not resolve the fact that you've ended up with a Tamari that you do not want, but hope it helps explain why we now have two Tamaris.

Ellen Kelly
Excellent taste without too much salt

This is a fantastic product. We use it in cooking and find it ideal. It is absolutely packed full of flavour but much less salty than other tamari sauces. This is the now only tamari sauce we use I'd recommend it to anyone.