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Inari Sushi (Oinarisan)

Also called oinarisan in a more informal way in Japan, inari sushi is a simple and fun to make sushi. Just rice balls inside a deep-fried tofu bag, enjoy!

Deep-fried Aubergine in Wasabi Sauce

This recipe is a take on Agedashi Tofu, a very popular dish in Japan.

Soba Sushi with Shiitake Mushrooms

A tasty, light alternative to traditional sushi with rice.

Penne Pasta with Roasted Butternut Squash & Avocado Oil

This pasta dish is great served warm or cold. Why not enjoy it as part of a tasty picnic.

Kale Salad

The cabbage in this light, bright-coloured, fibre-rich salad is pressed in the traditional Japanese manner. It is a perfect accompaniment to any meal.

Noodles With Miso-Tahini Sauce

Udon and lomein noodles go especially well with this popular sauce, and soba noodles taste good with it too. This version of the recipe is simply garnished with spring onions, but try topping the noodles and sauce with steamed vegetables.

Spicy Soba Salad

Vary the vegetables according to seasonal availability. Fresh peas, sweetcorn, red and green peppers and radishes are all tasty and colourful variations for this dish.

Mochi Soup (Ozoni)

This classic Japanese soup is commonly served at New Year, but can be enjoyed all year round.

Vegan Lemon Curd

Easy to make, a lot healthier than conventional sweets and can be eaten hot or cold.

Hot Ginger Amazake Drink

A tasty tonic to stimulate the circulation and create a warm, relaxed feeling. Serve hot on cold winter days, or refreshing and chilled in the Summer.

Traditional Miso Soup

The classic Japanese organic miso soup.

Watercress Arame Salad with Sweet & Sour Dressing

This wonderfully refreshing salad is enhanced by the distinctive colour and taste of arame.

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