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Teriyaki Udon with Shichimi Seven Spice

            Teriyaki Udon with Shichimi Seven Spice - Clearspring

Enjoy this quick and easy udon noodle stir-fry with lots of colourful vegetables. You can make this dish with any leftover vegetables in your fridge. Simply stir-fry all the vegetables, add the cooked udon noodles and season with Clearspring Teriyaki Sauce.

Serves: 2 - Prep Time: 15 minutes 




    1. Bring a pot of water to the boil and cook the udon noodles according to instructions on pack. Drain the noodles and quickly rinse under running water and leave in a sieve.
    2. Wash and cut all the vegetables into strips or bite-size pieces. Heat a wok or frying pan on medium heat with sesame oil. Fry the ginger, red onion and spring onions in the pan, then add the rest of the vegetables, letting everything cook until soft.
    3. Add the cooked udon noodles to the pan and mix.
    4. Season with Clearspring Teriyaki Sauce to taste.
    5. Serve on a plate or bowl and sprinkle with Shichimi, Irigoma and Green Nori Sprinkle. Top with slliced Sushi Ginger.
    6. Enjoy warm.

    Recipe by The Clearspring Kitchen

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