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Have You Considered Going Vegan For Easter?

Have You Considered Going Vegan For Easter?

With a little bit of menu planning it is easy to whip up a tasty vegan Easter meal for the whole family. Rather than focussing on replacing meat, which can be a little of putting for omnivores, focus instead on the best parts of a vegan diet: a plethora of delicious nourishing fruit, vegetables, starches, herbs and grains! To get inspiration you need only to look at the fresh produce of early spring: light leafy greens, beetroot, asparagus, carrots and spring onions to name but a few. Not only will fruit and vegetables taste best when eaten in season but hey will also tend to be best value and better for the planet.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

If you are after a spring colour theme try using our bright green Organic Matcha Powder in your cooking or baking it is just perfect for Easter!

Our favourite Vegan Chocolates: Have you discovered these Easter treats yet? Montezuma’s vegan Easter bunnies, Booja Booja vegan truffles or Divine and Moo Free Easter eggs? You can even get ceramic decorating eggs from Eggnots!

So whether you are serving a feast for two or twenty you’ll be surprised at just how easy it is to have a very Happy Vegan Easter!! Make yours a Vegan one this year!

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March 14, 2016

Awesome post! It’s great to see companies getting behind veganism. I can see why you have posted in favour of veganism, as it really ties in with environmental awareness and ethical organic practises. :) I have definitely become a bigger fan of you guys! Keep it up!

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