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Summer Rolls with Peanut Butter Miso Satay Sauce

            Summer Rolls with Peanut Butter Miso Satay Sauce - Clearspring

Cooling colourful summer rolls filled with your favourite vegetables and herbs, served with a miso satay style sauce are a light, fun and delicious dish. Assemble in advance or setup a summer roll “station” so everyone can make their own.

Serves 4 - allow 6 to 8 rolls per person


For the miso satay sauce

For the summer rolls

  • Summer roll wrappers
Your choice of vegetables – choose from:
  • Carrot – peeled and julienned
  • Cucumber – julienned (no need to peel)
  • Peppers – julienned
  • White or green cabbage – julienned
  • Avocado - peeled and sliced
  • Fresh herbs – mint, basil and coriander all work well – together or mixed
  • cooked skinny noodles
To garnish
  • sesame seeds
  • roasted peanuts


For the miso satay sauce

  1. Place all the ingredients into a small bowl and mix with a mini whisk. Stir in 1 – 2 tablespoons of water to thin slightly. Pour into a dip bowl and garnish.

For the summer rolls

  1. Prepare the vegetables for the filling.
  2. Fill a shallow flan or pie dish that is bigger than the summer roll wrappers with water, working with one at a time dip each wrapper into the water for 15-20 seconds until it is soft and pliable but not mushy. Remove from the water and blot on a clean tea towel to remove excess water.
  3. Place a few herb leaves in the middle of the wrapper, and top with the vegetables and some of the noodles if using.
  4. Roll it up tightly by folding the bottom of the wrapper up over the fillings, then folding in the sides and finally roll up as tightly as you can. This gets easier after you have done a few.
  5. To make ahead assemble the rolls and wrap in clingfilm and store in the fridge. You can pack directly into a lunch box, but the rolls tend to stick together and can tear. Eat within 24 hours.


Recipe, photography & styling by Helen Best-Shaw, Fuss Free Flavours, for Clearspring Ltd.