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Simple Kake Udon and Kake Soba Noodles Bowl

            Simple Kake Udon and Kake Soba Noodles Bowl - Clearspring

Kake Soba or Kake udon is a simple warm noodle bowl with condiments on top. It is enjoy as a warm quick lunch or light dinner in Japan. You can add tempura to this dish or pair it with vegetable on the side.  

Serves 2 I Cooking time - 10 minuets




    1. Cook the Soba or Udon noodles to pack instructions. Once cooked, drain and rinse under cold running water. This helps to stop the cooking of the noodles and removes any extra starch. Divide the noodles into two portions and place into deep round bowls.
    2. Dilute the noodle broth to pack instructions with boiling water - taste it before serving, as it could taste too strong or too weak.
    3. Rehydrate the wakame in water and leave for 10 minutes. Once rehydrated, squeeze out the water and cut to bite size pieces. 
    4. Add the wakame, spring onion to the bowl and pour the hot noodle broth. Sprinkle Clearspring Organic Irigoma - Toasted Sesame Seeds and Clearspring Organic Shichimi Togarashi - Seven Spice Blend. 

    Recipe by Lisa Dawson

    All Clearspring recipes are 100% plant-based, using Organic products where possible and refined sugar-free.