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Lisa Dawson from Clearspring is running the Brighton Marathon 2019 for The Vegan Society

            Lisa Dawson from Clearspring is running the Brighton Marathon 2019 for The Vegan Society - Clearspring

This year, our very own Lisa Dawson has accepted the challenge and will be running the Brighton Marathon in April. She is raising money to help support the work of The Vegan Society, who do a fantastic job of promoting the benefits of a plant-based diet, helping to reduce animal suffering and environmental damage. 

Lisa Dawson:

I’ve always enjoyed outdoor sports and am a keen athlete. I’ve completed a triathlon in the past and I try and cycle everywhere for the environment and my health. However, running has always been my weak spot. That’s why I wanted to challenge myself this year whilst also raising money and awareness for a fantastic cause, The Vegan Society.

I thought I’d share a little bit about myself and my journey leading up to the Brighton Marathon; the little tips I picked up on the way and of course the foods and snacks I eat while I get in shape for Race Day!

I was raised on a macrobiotic diet, focusing on whole grains, vegetables and seaweeds. I have followed a plant-based diet since birth, so my strength comes from non-animal products.

There is no typical training day, although you do need to put in the weekly running hours to build up your strength. On weekends, I like to wake up without an alarm, so I know my body is well rested. My morning routine is to first boil some water and make myself a Ceremonial Grade Matcha Tea with a bowl and whisk. Then I have a bowl of Miso Soup and an Onigiri (Japanese triangle rice ball), which is a great source of carbohydrates. After about an hour of rest I head out for my long run. After my run I usually spend about 30min stretching and then relax with a cup of tea.

During the week, I like to run before my lunch so I can get some fresh air and sometimes, enjoy the sunshine! I have motivated some of my colleagues to join me on my run which is great. I usually do a quick 5min warm up before my run and around 10min cool down and stretch after before eating my lunch and heading back to work. In the evening I like to take it slow and take a bath to loosen and relax my muscles.

Having a plant-based diet means you need to think just that little bit more about what you eat and to ensure you have a balanced diet to stay fueled for the day. I have highlighted a few dishes I make on a day to day bases to keep me fueled. I’ll be adding some more recipes to the website, so please check them out when you get a chance.

Meal plans I typically like to eat are:

Scrambled Tofu

Tofu Carbonara

 To name a few... Find out more plant-based vegan recipes here.

Fruit on the go - Pear

During my training, I like to take a pack of Clearspring Fruit on the Go with me to keep me going along with water. Clearspring do 3 flavours in pouches so its nice to have a variety. As its made with only fruit, I get the right amount of natural sugar to keep me running that extra mile.

I am super excited to be on this journey and to bring you onboard. If you would like to support me to raise money for The Vegan Society, please hit the link:

Donation link

More information: The Vegan Society 

Other sports I take part to strengthen my Marathon training are: