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Organic Japanese Tofu - Silken & Smooth

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  • Ingredients: Water, soya beans*(26%), firming agent: nigari (magnesium chloride). *organically grown

    Product weight: 300g

    Clearspring's award-winning Tofu is a delicious organic, high-protein and low-fat food that tastes as good as the fresh tofu made in Japan. It is ready to enjoy straight from the pack and is extremely versatile - perfect for use in numerous savoury and sweet dishes.

    Our producer has been dedicated to perfecting Tofu since 1973 and produces Clearspring’s unique-recipe tofu using only 3 ingredients: fresh water, whole soya beans and nigari (a naturally occurring mineral-rich coagulant derived from seawater).

    We have always focused on developing new innovative organic foods which combine tradition with convenience, economical production with ecological sustainability and quality without compromise. It took several years to develop this creamy smooth Long Life Organic Tofu in line with these principles.

    Made with just three ingredients:

    1. Premium quality whole organic soya beans which are specially contract grown for Clearspring. By law this means that the soya beans have to be sustainably cultivated, grown without the use of artificial fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides and cannot be Genetically Modified. Organic certification also means that the tofu production process does not permit commonly used processing aids such as defoamers, bleaches or preservatives.
    2. Nigari, a naturally occurring mineral rich coagulant derived from sea water. The base of nigari is magnesium chloride which makes tofu a good source of both magnesium and chloride.
    3. Fresh water.

    Types of tofu

    There are two main types of tofu available: silken and hard. Silken tofu is produced by coagulating soya milk without curdling it and is normally available in two consistencies: soft and firm. Clearspring organic tofu falls in the latter category. Both are however more creamy, smooth and delicate than hard tofu which is drained and pressed and therefore more robust.

    Product Code: CS710
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  • Although you can keep Clearspring Tofu in your kitchen cupboard until you really need it, it has the 'just made taste' of fresh Tofu. This is the result of knowledge, processes and immense experience of our Japanese master producer. Cut it, fry it, mash it, marinate it, boil it, Tofu is a very versatile ingredient. From soups to smoothies, it can be used in savoury as well as in sweet dishes. If you are on a vegan or vegetarian diet or simply want to reduce your meat intake, Tofu is an easy and popular source of protein which is also lactose and gluten free and low in fat.

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Customer Reviews

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Versatile as it can used in both savoury and sweet recipes. But also as a vegan scrambled egg for breakfast, and in creamy chocolate / avocado mousse


Our favourite! I'm glad I've found it! Amazing quality, lovely silky texture!

Silky texture

This tofu in my humble opinion is the best we can shop here in the UK. I tried also other brands and I did not like them. This one has a natural taste, natural flavour and a wonderful silky texture.

Nice to eat cold

Selling this product at my restaurant as Tofu salad. It’s been popular and now have a steady demand. Would love to try in a hot dish with next.

So versatile

Love this tofu, excellent quality. It is really versatile to cook. It can be fried, baked, or even blended into a vegan pasta sauce (so yummy). Really recommend.