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Deep-fried Aubergine in Wasabi Sauce

            Deep-fried Aubergine in Wasabi Sauce - Clearspring

This recipe is a take on Agedashi Tofu, a very popular dish in Japan.

Serves 4



  1. Make the Dashi by soaking the shiitake and kombu in 500ml water for 30min
  2. Bring the mix to the boil and remove Kombu  just before boiling is reached
  3. Add Mirin and Shoyu and leave to cool
  4. Slice the aubergine into 1.5mm thick pieces and soak in a water for 10min
  5. Mix flour and kuzu, add a little salt
  6. Heat the oil in a deep frying pan or wok
  7. Coat the aubergine slices with the flour mix and put it in the hot oil, turn if necessary. Cook until the aubergine is soft (the flour mix is unlikely to go brown, so check regularly
  8. Prepare the wasabi by mixing 2tsp water with the wasabi powder until it forms a paste
  9. Put wasabi paste into the dashi and stir.
  10. Serve the aubergine in the dashi, with some grated daikon or radish on top


Depending on the time of year, you can use other seasonal vegetables such as okra, sweet potato, onion rings, courgettes, etc.