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1876 reviews
Healthy and environmentally friendly

There are very few oatcakes that are baked with all healthy and sound ingredients, in fact yours are the only one I have found.
They taste like the real traditional home baked oatcakes I know from visiting Scotland.

One request I have is to try to find a way to reduce or do away with the plastic packaging. Cellulose or starch packaging may work as well perhaps?

Toasted Pumpkin seed oil

Love toasted pumpkin seed oil, its gorgeous on salads, i just cant buy it anywhere but here, which is great 😁
Arrived packed safely and within time it stated

I didn't mean to give it five stars

Sorry, submitted my review before realising I was supposed to indicate how many stars I wanted to give this product. Three, unfortunately. Good product but for a service I don't want to pay extra for (cutting off the hard bits of the wakame and only packaging the soft bits, cut up). I am capable of doing this myself.

Surprisingly tasty

I am not new to eating seaweeds, but I was surprised at how flavoursome this particular product is. The flakes are also top quality with no hardness. I first used it sprinkled over a pasta and veggie dish with a tangy white miso, rice vinegar and mustard dressing (found elsewhere on this website), and it really added something extra delicious to the meal. I was pleasantly surprised because its lovely flavour came through very well despite a dressing that I thought would overwhelm it. I think I would add it to many of my meals if I were financially more able to do so, but I got through my first whole packet within just a few meals. Perhaps Clearspring will consider selling it more cheaply in bulk?


I much prefer the wakame that you were previously selling. I was happy with having the whole of the seaweed, and it was a bigger and cheaper packet. This new one consists only of the softer parts of the plant, and all cut up ready to add to water, but I dislike paying extra for this service. I am all for more environmentally-friendly packaging, but this new product does not go very far for the money.