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An Introduction To Demeter Biodynamic Farming

An Introduction To Demeter Biodynamic Farming

The Clearspring BioKitchen range is certified Demeter Organic, but what does that really mean?

Demeter certifies food produced from biodynamic farming, a methodology created and defined by philosopher Rudolph Steiner in the 1920s, combining agriculture, cosmology and herbalism/homeopathy.

A biodynamic farm should be aiming towards being a self-sufficient organism, where the plants grown nourish the soil and the livestock, which in turn fertilise the fields. The resultant soil fertility and enhanced life forces in the plants produce healthier and more nourishing food. Farmers treat their field with specific biodynamic preparations and work in respect of cosmic rhythms, imbuing the food with nature’s energy in line with the aim to “provide the basis not only for bodily nutrition but also for the soul and spiritual life.”


Biodynamic certification, by way of Demeter, guarantees that no synthetic chemical treatment agents are used, no synthetic fertilisers, pesticides or fungicides. Regarding livestock, antibiotics, hormones or any other pharmaceuticals are not permitted to be added to feed and manure may not be imported from any intensive farming operations. Animals, as “ensouled beings”, must be treated with respect and their minimum standards indicate an expectation that they are allowed to carry out at least some of their natural behaviours, have access to outside space, and live longer than conventionally raised animals.

Care must also be taken of greater global environmental issues, with 10% of the farm area being given over to biodiversity reserve and any production under glass must keep the energy used for heating to a minimum.

For more information visit: www.demeter.net

By Hannah Phoebe Bowen: Freelance Food Writer

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