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Our new Demeter range of high quality, ready-to-use tomato sauces and passatas are produced directly on the farm in Italy since 1990, using freshly harvested 100% Demeter sun-ripened tomatoes. From the gourmet porcini mushroom, to the classic basil variant, all of our sauces are based on simple, authentic Mediterranean recipes. Top quality, fresh organic ingredients guarantee the genuine and homemade flavour of our sauces. Even the extra virgin olive oil that serves as the base for our recipes is carefully selected from a special Demeter estate.

What is Demeter?

Demeter Logo

Since 1927, Demeter has been the trademark for products from certified biodynamic production, a method of organic farming originally developed by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner. He introduced the idea of a holistic farming system based around the phases of the moon, composting and mixing crops with livestock.

Key features of Demeter farming: The avoidance of synthetic fertilisers - The use of manures and composts - Frequent crop rotations - Avoidance of chemical soil treatments - Measures to strengthen the life processes in the soil - Consideration of celestial and terrestrial influence.

For more information see our Introduction To Demeter Biodynamic Farming

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