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Organic Sunflower Frying Oil

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  • Ingredients: Organic sunflower frying oil

    Recommended Maximum Heating Temperature 190°C

    Product volumes: 500ml, 1L, 2L

    Clearspring Organic Sunflower Frying Oil is one of the few cold pressed oils on the market that is suitable for deep frying. Uniquely in Clearspring's range of otherwise unrefined oils, it is partly deodorised and processed using harmless steam to increase its smoke point essential for use when frying.

    Product Codes: SA115 (500ml), SA120 (1L), SA321 (2L)
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  • Suitable for all cooking purpose including deep-frying. Also ideal for salad dressing due to neutral flavour.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Szilvia Banne Molnar

Nice colour and good taste. Love it!

Suzi Hawkins
Seems a good oil

I've only used the oil a few times but seems good. It's hard to know when cooking on the hob if the temperature is too high.
This sunflower oil is a thin oil and is good to use at moderate to high temperatures and is better for our health. The sunflower oil hasn't got a distinct flavour so doesn't interfere with the flavour of food. I have been thinking it may be good to use in baking my almond pudding and flaxseed buns, which cook at 170 - 180c
For years I've used a special flax seed oil for occasional higher temperature baking usually no more than 180 or 190c but I find it quite a thicker oil and overall not so easy to digest for the liver. This sunflower high-temperature oil seems easier on digestion. I have a slight concern about the temperature limit of 180c and that it could slip into being a saturate if exposed to a higher temperature. Omega 6 has been given a bad name over the years but this is mostly due to people cooking with poor quality high-temperature frying. So far I like this oil.

Always a very good quality oil.

I am a regular customer who buys and uses Organic Sunflower Oil.


Good for high temperature cooking

Fiona Mitchell
Sunflower oil

Beautiful organic oil would highly recommend great delivery I will definitely be using again