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Organic Japanese Umeboshi Plums

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  • Ingredients: Japanese ume plums* (79%), sea salt, shiso (perilla) leaves* (6%) *organically grown

    Product weights: 200g, 1kg

    Clearspring Organic Umeboshi are tart, tangy, salt pickled ume plums that have long been a vital part of Japanese cuisine and folk medicine. Small pieces add zest to sushi and rice balls and can be rubbed onto cooked sweetcorn or used in other dishes. Taken alone, umeboshi flesh has been traditionally used as a digestive tonic. Umeboshi are a concentrated food and only a small amount is needed.

    Umeboshi production

    Clearspring Organic Umeboshi plums are produced on a small scale by a family in Wakayama, the best known ume fruit growing area in Japan. They are passionate about small scale farming and food production, managing their orchard using organic methods and following the traditional slow practice of lactic acid pickling when making their exquisite umeboshi.

    They harvest their fruit towards the end of June when it is partially ripe and the juice still acid enough to give the desired tartness to the pickles. Picked too early, and the pickles remain hard, whilst picked later when fully ripe, produces mushy, tasteless pickles.

    After harvesting they soak the fruit overnight to remove any bitterness, then pack it in barrels with layers of salt and leave it to pickle for a few weeks. The secret of the pickling process, they say, is to allow the beneficial lactic-acid-forming bacteria to develop before other competing bacteria gain a hold. The right amount of salt - lactic-acid bacteria are salt-tolerant whilst many other species are not - and a cool, dark place for pickling, are critical to this process.

    Around late July, when pickling is complete, they dry their umeboshi on trays in the sun and then carry out a second, shorter pickling in the brine of pickled leaves of the fragrant red shiso herb which gives umeboshi their characteristic crimson colour and spicy flavour.

    Our producer is exceptionally skilled in using traditional methods, which is why their organic plums are amongst the finest umeboshi products in Japan.

    Product Codes: CS723 (200g), CS722 (1kg)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Pamela Macfarlane
A very unusual taste

I received my jar of Japanese plums from Clearspring very quickly. I would certainly order again from this company.
Sadly there was absolutely no way I could open the lid on the jar, it was totally stuck and no matter what I tried it would not open.
Eventually I decided that the only way to get in was by completely destroying the lid (photo supplied). I was then able to taste the plums, the like of which I had never tasted before. Very unusual indeed.


I love Clearspring products. I just cannot afford them all the time. They are a real treat.


great product, quick delivery - thank you!

Catherine Hadjilias
not great

I am disappointed at the condition of the box in which the umeboshi were.
The top was cracked and the umeboshi tend to be drier rather than as they are as when one buys them in their individual small tubs.

Hi Catherine, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We're very sorry about the damaged product, this must have happened in transit. We'd be more than happy to replace it. Please get in touch with our customer services team.

I like it

It tastes like traditional pickled plums, which my grandma used to make by hand at home.