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Organic Japanese Ume Su

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  • Ingredients: Ume plums* (72%), sea salt, shiso (perilla) leaves* (8%) *organically grown

    Product volumes: 150ml, 250ml

    Ume Su is a traditional Japanese seasoning, reported to date back to the Edo Period in the 1600s. It is growing in popularity around the world for its very unique flavour profile. Its vinegar-like tanginess adds a rich flavour to a wide variety of dishes including salads, dips, vegetables, dressings, for pickling and even as a secret ingredient in cocktails.

    • Produced by carefully pickling Umeboshi plums with red Perilla leaves
    • Made by our 4th generation family producer
    • Authentically Japanese – grown on a mountain farm in Japan’s Wakayama prefecture
    • Our producer’s Umeboshi trees are not grafted – some are even over 70 years old
    • The farm’s new umeboshi trees are grown from the farm’s very very-best ume plums and not harvested for at least 5 years
    • Sustainably, naturally and organically grown, without the use of any fertilisers
    • Vegan and non non-GMO

    Product Codes: SSN0403.150A (150ml), SSN0403.250A (250ml)
  • For an explanation of the claims made above please click here

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Elisabeth Edwards
One of my staples

I use this on my savoury breakfast rice porridge, and it really livens it up. Please bring back the larger 500ml size. Buying multiple smalll bottles is rather wasteful of the resources used to make glass.

Hi Elisabeth, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We will pass your feedback on to the relevant department.

Kevin Eccleston
ume su

Excellent. Love umboshi but can't afford the price. The liquid and the paste is excellent substitute for my cravings.

Chris Saunders
Very tasty

a great product to liven up your culnery creations. Glad I decided to try it.

Love this product

I am really pleased with this product that I couldn’t find in any shops


Hi there,
I used to buy 500ml bottles for £3.69, this was until last year.
Now I see a 250ml bottle is available for £4.19.
That's an increase of around 127% (i.e. (4.19*2- 3.69)/3.69)
Could you please explain this increase?

Hi Davide,

The costs of doing both local and international business have considerably risen. Many of our suppliers worldwide in 16 countries have tried to absorb cost prices that have built up throughout 2021 with the hope that some would reverse.

However, the fact is that costs have continued to rise on many fronts. Raw materials, packaging, transport, labour have all been impacted by prolonged pandemic conditions, more complex import/export procedures and various resource challenges across the world.

Over the last three months we have received the largest number of cost price increases from our 90 plus suppliers ever since we started in 1993. Many of these are significant, double digit increases that we have done our best to mitigate.

Despite costs increasing, fortunately now consumers are seeing a greater value in healthy, organic, and wholesome foods. The trend of increased sales of organic foods has proven that the health food industry continues to thrive, driven by greater interest in personal health and sustainability.

It is your continued support and invaluable partnerships that allows Clearspring to deliver on these trends.

Thank you for your appreciation of our commitment to organic agriculture and quality food supply.

PS. This product in particular, note that the one you are comparing this to was non-organic, which of course contributes even more to the price difference.