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Exceeded my expectations!

I was making Ottolenghi’s recipe - Freekeh pilaf for the first time today and it required a dollop of Greek yogurt mixed with crushed garlic and lemon juice, however I am currently trialing a dairy free diet so I was wondering what to use as a substitute and had the idea to try silken tofu (which I had never tried before) so I wasn’t really that confident it would work but my goodness I was so pleasantly surprised, I whizzed up half the block with half clove of crushed garlic and 2 tsp of lemon juice, a little salt, added a dollop to my pilaf and was prefect as a substitute for the Greek yogurt, was so surprised, will def be buying again and look forward to experimenting with it further!

Organic Safflower oil

Brilliant oil.

Unique perfection

Subtle and light in flavour.giving a refreshing drink. The sachets are made with natural material.
This is the finest tea bag i have found. Suits my taste admirably.
Thank you, Clearspring.

A little salty, but nice deep flavour.

We usually use a low salt version of soy sauce. This is nice but need a lot less compared to the low salt version we’re used to it. Having said that as a very deep and authentic flavour.

Great in a curry as a chicken alternative!

Delicious, will definitely be ordering more. It’s in sea salt so you probably don’t need to add much in the dish you’re cooking.