Organic Japanese Gyokuro Green Tea - Loose Leaf Tea

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  • Ingredients: Organically grown green tea leaves

    Product weight: 85g

    Clearspring Organic Gyokuro is grown in Kyoto and Kyushu areas, which produce some of the finest tea in Japan. Just like Matcha, the tender young leaves are shaded from the sun for 20 days to create its renowned Umami-rich flavour.

    The leaves are carefully steamed, rolled and dried immediately after harvesting to ensure the freshness and aroma of the leaves is locked in, to bring you an authentic, flavourful Japanese tea experience.

    Product Code: TEA0908.085A
  • Nutritional data currently being updated, please check back later.

  • Place 2 heaped teaspoons of tea in a teapot. Boil 200ml fresh water and leave to cool to approximately 60°C before pouring over the tea. For the best flavour infuse for 3 minutes and enjoy.
  • Third Generation Tea Family from Kyoto, Japan

    In the hills around Kyoto, the third generation of the Nagata family use special organic methods, known as Nature Farming, to produce a range of exquisite green teas for Clearspring.

    The ancient farming approach used by the Nagatas builds up soil vitality by maintaining a semi-wild environment, where the plants are not overly protected and gain nourishment from repeated applications of compost made from tea clippings and dried leaves, which together with regular mulching helps control weed growth and maintain soil moisture.

    Whilst most tea farmers spray their plants with pesticides and herbicides 15-20 times a year, the Nagatas' tea bushes have a vigour that enables them to thrive without chemical inputs.

    The Nagatas' yields may be lower than average but their plants have far less mould and blight. They remain productive for up to 40 years, twice as long as the typical tea bush treated with chemicals.

    As well as growing tea, the Nagatas undertake the skilful blanching, drying and roasting processes to bring out the unique flavours of each individual blend.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
A superior tea!

I adore the delicate flavour of this tea when I need to relax, do some earthing in peace.

Quickly delivered and good quality

Quickly dispatched/delivered and arrived as expected. Tea is tasty and nicely flavoured. I'm sure there are more expensive green teas that taste better, but for a decent and affordable delicate tea it's very good. Takes a bit of time to get the hang of the temperature/steep time but had some great results.

Will probably order again once I run out.

Pete L
Very tasty

Very nice tea.

Gordon Wood
Sip and enjoy

A rich experience to be slowly savoured.

very nice

First time trying this, really enjoyed it!