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Organic Gluten Free Instant Corn Couscous

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  • Ingredients: Organic corn

    May contain traces of soya and mustard.

    Product weight: 200g

    Clearspring Gluten-Free Couscous is made from golden coloured 100% organic Italian corn. It has a texture and consistency similar to that of durum wheat couscous. A great alternative to rice and pasta, this mild flavoured grain is delicious served with Moroccan tagines, as a stuffing for roasted peppers or in a summer salad mixed with herbs and capers.

    • Ready in 5 minutes
    • Made from organic Non-GMO Italian corn (conventional couscous is made from granules of durum wheat)
    • Bright yellow colour
    • A great alternative to rice and pasta
    • Perfect served with Moroccan tagines, as a stuffing or in a summer salad mixed with herbs and capers.

    Product Code: CS837
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  • For one serving, pour 100ml of freshly boiled water from a kettle over 65g of couscous in a bowl. Cover and leave to stand for 5 minutes. Fluff with a fork and season to taste.
    This box contains 3 servings.

    • Cooks just as well as durum wheat couscous and has a very similar texture and consistency.
    • For extra flavour cook with stock instead of boiling water
    • Season to taste

    For a range of delicious recipes from soups to risotto, from wholegrain breakfast smoothies to stir fries, please see our recipe page.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Linda Pilgrim
Light and easy to digest

Very tasty product, goes with virtually anything. Very light and fluffy, love it with baked butternut squash. I used to buy chickpea couscous but is not available now, this is a great substitute.

Judith Robb
As good as 'real' couscous

It is so hard to find gluten free couscous, and being so versatile and easy to prepare, couscous is something I really miss. This has a good texture and taste, and a beautiful golden colour from the corn. I wish it came in a bigger box.

David Palmer

Tasty, versatile, plus I have an intolerance to wheat so normal couscous is a no-go for me. I used to get Profusion chickpea couscous but they stopped making it - luckily I found Clearspring's corn version, which was good as no one else seems to make a gluten-free couscous.

Sharon Brooks
Cous Cous

Thank you so much for the 3 boxes of Cous Cous. We were getting a bit fed up with potatoes, rice and pasta, it makes a great change.
The ordering was so easy and the communication from despatch to delivery was excellent.
Would definitely recommend Clearspring.

Aline Vasconcelos
I love it