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Organic Fruit Spread - Strawberry

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  • Ingredients: Strawberries* (60%), apple juice concentrate*, apple purée*, gelling agent: pectin, acidity regulator: citric acid. *organically grown.

    Contains naturally occuring sugars.

    Product weight: 280g

    The full delicious flavour of the finest organic Strawberry and concentrated fruit juice, brought to you by our innovative producer.

    • New improved recipe
    • High fruit content
    • No refined sugar

    Why they cannot be called jams

    Jams are required by law to have a minimum overall sugar content, so when fruit juice is used as an ingredient, instead of sugar, the overall sugar content (and the calories) are reduced. Thus the term 'jam' can no longer be used.

    Product Code: FSR0202.280A
  • For an explanation of the claims made above please click here

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Rik Prowen
Not just on toast

Fruity but not too sweet, this was great on croissants, toast and with scones and cream. It came into its own in a strawberry trifle, however. Spread on Madeleines in the base (with a drizzle of Polish strawberry liqueur) and added to fresh strawberries in the jelly, the fresh fruit and spread complement and reinforce each others’ different flavours really well. Just layer custard and soft-peaked whipped cream on top, add strawberries to decorate and enjoy not just the trifle but the adulation of your guests.

Thank you so much for a great review :) Sounds delicious!

Could’ve been better...

I do realise that making an organic jam is hard work-I buy enough of them to know. Strawberries without “help” tend to be bland and the texture a bit disappointing( maybe it’s a lack of fruit, for me?): exactly what happened here. Perfectly edible and I am happy enough, but it’s not my favourite and I won’t be seeking to buy more.

Philippa Pettitt
Not too sweet.

Good taste and not too sweet. Definitely one to buy again.

Nathan JH
Much better - Using more, Yum!

This improved version of the Fruit Spread is less sweet, as apple juice is not added now, and its of a better firmer consistency. Therefore the Strawberry taste is clearer and more pronounced; Yummy!
The only minor glitch, is simply an issue related to the actual fruit used when a specific batch is made. Its still firmer but the pulp/juice ratio may differ slightly order to order; No actual problem - its natures way, (just be aware). Taste is unaffected, its just a small and minor texture change. **With new things and improved items, I'm happily eating/drinking more ClearSpring goodness.

Helen Smith

This product in a selection of flavours is a delicious alternative to jam I purchase these regularly from clearspring for my brother who is a diabetic he loves them